Periodical Health

July 20th, 2012

She is necessary to educate the population, the old ones have much teaching in them, must be seen as wisdom sources. FINAL CONSIDERAES the violence against the aged one are a type of democratic violence, that reaches all the socioeconmicos levels. The old ones are victims of some types of violence, amongst them the physics and the emotional one, the abandonment, omission of aid, maltreatment, private incarceration and kidnapping, extortion threat, etc. One of the reasons that help in the continuity of the violence against the aged one are the constaint of exactly in denounce making it, the aged one is felt guilty in denouncing when the aggressor is somebody next thing: its familiar, neighboring ones, friends. The society contemporary stimulates the individual to use combat strategies the decay, to eliminate that he is old, the declining. This decay is attributed the aged one had its cognitiva difficulty, and of physical and emotional controls. This implies cares special, therefore the old ones already do not have more autonomy of before, but nor always the family is available to make use of these cares. She is in this environment that the violence against the aged one happens.

Not only the family, but the necessary Brazilian society if to acquire knowledge how much to the aging of the population, being learned to respect the aged ones. Therefore as already cited in the research, the aged one tends to be a huge population until the years of 2020, sixth position of ranking world-wide. 09 the Brazilian population for what it is perceived is prepared to coexist this great number of aged. Also although terms an index of bigger longevity, is notable who the quality of life of the third age still shows very precarious. The aged one suffers the consequences of its physical difficulties and cognitivas, test of this is the suffered violence inside of its homes, according to titular police station of the Special Police station of Protection to the Aged one, 70% of the violence against the aged one is domestic.

At last, the trend is that the population of aged in Brazil is each bigger time, then is basic that the public population and politics if acquire knowledge so that has an improvement in the life of these aged ones. BIBLIOGRAPHY DEBERT, G.G. The reinveno of the oldness: Socialization and processes of will reprivatize of the aging. So Paulo: EDUSP, 1999. BERNADO, Ktia Jane Keys. The conspiracy of silence and the invisibilidade of the violence against the aged one. Lecture pronounced in XIII the BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF SOCIOLOGY. Work group ' ' Generations? between Solidariedades and Conflitos' '. 29 of May of 2007, UFPE, Recife (FOOT). BARONI, G.C. Violence against the aged one: National association denounces cases in Brazil, Daily of the Borborema, Federal Public prosecution service, federal Office of the attorney general of the rights of the citizen, 22 September of 2007. Available in: dog-national-denounce-case-knot-Brazil. Had access in 24 May of 2008, 15h49min: 48. SANCHES, A.P. Violence acomete more aged with problems of memories or difficulties in the daily tasks, Periodical Health, Source: Agency, USP, 29 of December of 2006. Available in: . Access in: 26 of May of 2008, 13h53min: 15. FERNANDES, M.G.M. & ASSIS, J.F. Bad-treatments against the aged one: Definitions and strategies to identify and to take care of, 1999. Gerontologia 7 (3), 144-149. 10 FONSECA, M.M. & GONALVES, H.S. Violence against the aged one: Legal supports for the intervention, Federal University of Rio De Janeiro, jul. /dez. 2003, Interaction in Psychology, 2003, 7 (2), P. 121-128.


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