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May 6th, 2014

Compare private health insurance basically all self-employed, can assure let freelancers and officials by a car (private health insurance). But workers, who achieve an annual gross income of more than EUR 48.600,–, can insure themselves privately. However should you precisely in advance check and comparison to a car. To do this, there are countless possibilities via the Internet. But first you should consider whether you want to let alone ensure or whether a family must be insured with. Second is the consideration of whether a primary care enough, or what benefits you also want to have, sickness allowance, hospital daily allowance, single room in the hospital, chief physician treatment and much more. When the car you should careful comparison, as the deductible is high, and from the umpteenth day of sick leave and sickness allowance is paid.

If you are not exactly careful, a seemingly cheaper fare is often a more expensive. In the statutory health insurance (public health insurance) Services to mostly prescribed by the legislature. Uniform tariffs are paid, depending on income. There are no statutory health insurance choice rates in the PKV. But there are some additional services, it is Charter services, which is reflected in the statutes.

Request services that go beyond the necessary, may not be granted by the statutory health insurance. However, there is the possibility to buy private supplementary insurance, the extra services offered include hospital per diem, etc., single room in the hospital, Because you have to pay for a stay in hospital per day EURO 10 to, the completion of a hospital daily allowance insurance is securely attached. Also for rehabilitation measures, EURO 10 per day is due. Also you can complete private supplementary insurance for dentures and glasses, having to pay in case of need not so much to do this. These supplements can be added to individual modules to the statutory health insurance. But by the practice fee of EURO 10 per quarter and It is financially impossible, to conclude a corresponding additional insurance for many individual payments of typically 10 percent.

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