February 13th, 2014

CRITIC in a pace that accelerates since some years ago, the amazing discoveries of the historians of the Freudianism, make us put increasingly in doubt the integrity of Freud to demonstrate that it is has taken extreme liberties with his clinical material. It is quite clear that Freud had no doubt a moment only modify the facts at their disposal when they don’t match the theory prentendia install. Their maneuvers were based on subtle manipulations of information, a little like a mathematician who rounded off their calculations give you fair, achieving its analysis so often sound convincing (because everything that could prove to be contradictory to their hypothesis was quietly removed or surreptitiously changed). It seems to me to be equally more interesting not to lose time in the lies of Freud (a poor man who intended to install a new intellectual movement with hunger for fame and recognition as anyone else), but rather ask ourselves why Freudian intellectuals who are supposedly formed to bring to light the most painful truths do not bring to light the painful truth of the corruption of much of the data that give base to psychoanalytic theory, and instead, persist in convey a completely utopian discourse. It is paradoxical that same psychoanalysts who re-examine jactaron based on a subversive intellectual movement for its time, are those same subjects that nowadays censor and condemn those who attempt to transgress its regulatory psychoanalytic discourse.What then, is the way these intelecturales continue throughout history: from subversion to censorship? From the change to stagnation? From the open-mindedness to the disqualification of the alien thought? Of accepting a simple theory to reject strong facts that refute categorically?The truth is that whole psychoanalytic movement as a whole, is one of most corrupt intellectual movements of history. Some subjects are simply victims of this movement that, like most, often give by certain snapshot so many things that have no Foundation, just for being things that others accepted before.

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