December 15th, 2012

Paul is the psychoanalyst. Laura was doctor, had 29 years when it initiated the psycotherapy. The initial complaint of the patient age in relation to its boyfriend, Andrew, it wanted to be married, but it was in doubt. Its first sexual relation is counted when it decided that it would be its last session.

David, was a older man, was housed in its house for its father some times, Laura already knew David and its wife, passed a time with them when its mother died, it was personage of its sexual desires to the 16 years. Par-ul obtained to make with that it understood that in its first sexual experience where it found that she was the seducer, in the truth it was seduced. The principle, seemed to be this the cause of its symptom. Laura has fear to assume a commitment, to feel itself imprisoned. Its rela to you are marked them by treasons, endings and returns in the relation.

It it always speaks of the difficulty in feeling pleasure. It confessed to have if gotten passionate for the therapist since the first session. For Paul, David destroyed the capacity of communication of Laura with the men in not-sexual contexts. The fact not to have sex between it and the men do not want to say that they do not recognize its capacities. Laura demonstrates mood changes and behavior, you pray it is sad, it prays is smiling. Its sexual stories detailed in the intention to provoke and to seduce Paul demonstrate a histrico behavior, make seduction game. It counts the fancies that have with the therapist when it is flirting with other men, in some cases, when it arrives in hour H wants to give up to consummate the act.


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