Psychologist Solange Martins

March 4th, 2014

9.Quais other institutions would be responsible for these children. 10.Qual the participation of on Government to the CREAS, to diminish the voluminous picture of children in street situation. 11.Em its opinion, if has applied the human rights in these children in situation of Street in the Juazeiro of the North? REPLY OF the QUESTIONNAIRE (IN REPORT FORM) Psychologist Solange Martins – SIC the Psychologist is a professional who is part of the team multidisciplinaridade of the CREAS, where in accordance with the demand passes the spoon and to guide the family and children and adolescent. It evaluates and folloies the child when its rights are violated. The CREAS has the responsibility to receive these citizens, is a space where the child and the adolescent are well-taken care of, with certainty it plays its role. Juazeiro of the North is a city of many tourists.

The religious culture vunerabiliza the increase of these citizens. This growth is a city of growth sufficiently fast makes with that the family is desestruturada. In my vision these are some factors for an increase of these children and adolescents. In the CREAS the term of office works other agencies together with as the advice to tutor, juvenile court and others. The CREAS already is the place where right social they are worked, it already it is a project of term of office as CRAS, PETI. The social managers have that to keep the CREAS so that he has the waited functioning of the professionals, keeping the structure of the CREAS.

The managers have that to fulfill with what he was idealized in the project. The service of psychology of the CREAS is essential to diminish the suffering of the citizen. subjectivity has that to be worked not alone by the psychologist, but all the professionals have a paper to brighten up the suffering. The children who are directed for the CREAS, it pass for a verification to evidence if it passed for some trauma where the case is worked by the CREAS, therefore the CREAS is a service specifies and the case has that to have the profile of the CREAS.


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