Real Crisis

February 16th, 2014

_ As you could make this! I was participating of a meeting of international cupola where she was being argued the economic crisis that the United States of America will go to suffer briefly! _ What! I have! It wakes up! How soneira she is this, wanted! Economic crisis of the United States! The United States they will never go to enter in financial crisis. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has much experience in this field. They are the biggest economy of the world! This thing of the past. It wakes up! You come to take a bath pra to be able to rest right, you smiled it. _ You must not waked up have me. Necessary people to respect the sleep of the others took off me of a meeting importantssima! now? How I will go to know the outcome of everything? I know that the United States are the biggest economic power, but I go to enter in crisis, yes. I was knowing of this agorinha! In these heights I already was waked up, clearly, and crying. In the truth nor I know why it cried.

I only know that it was enormous a mental confusion between unreal Real and, sensation this that it would not know to define. Thanks to God it passed fast. I asked for then that it seated to my side and I told, in the minimum details and of commanded form everything to it that it witnesses. It heard, but he repeated that it was only one dream. dream was dream. But, perhaps had my emotion, I felt that it was a little thoughtful.

After taking one ducha and lanchar I continued awaken as if everything had slept in those few minutes what it had to sleep. The impression of it occurs what me continued alive, generating vain speculations e, this, obviously, drove away me sleep. I passed the remaining portion of the night total insone, thinking, rethink.


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