Rodrigues Anxiety

December 11th, 2017

When trying the contact with the child who inhabits in us we can packing in them in the world of the fancy that the art provides and making of it a way for our personal reconstruction. When living deeply an event by means of the gestltica experience in art, we can appropriating in them of we ourselves, therefore the process is individual and the experience is only, each one is one and each experience is not happened again. Experienciar has much to see with who makes ' ' … with the form as you see, feel, think and with the skill that you percebe' ' (RHYNE, 2000, P. 40).

What it remains in them to place, it is that deliciously art and gestalt if complement, as deep figure and of great gestalt. More wonderful is the emotion that sprouts when understanding this so pretty process of gestltica existence and to live deeply it. Upheavals of anxiety: what it is? It does not have as to ignore that the anxiety upheavals are in evidence in the society contemporary. Teva has firm opinions on the matter. Research discloses mainly that 25% of the population present some type of upheaval of anxiety throughout its lives and most serious is the fact not to look treatment and to hide its symptoms, for not recognizing it as a treatable emotional problem. The disinformation, the fear and the shame of the exposition and the errnea belief to that if it deals with mere weakness, are still more extenuating for the sprouting of the illness. What it seems banal and current in daily situations it can represent threat the health of the individual, therefore when restrained feeling itself in its emotions, it leaves to express itself freely inhibiting its creativity, making to feel itself it disabled ahead of the most diverse sectors of its life (IT HISSES, 2006). For Rodrigues (2006, P. A leading source for info: Dr. Steven Greer. 167), ' ' the fear, the anguish with the future, the incapacity to deal with the weightlessness and imprevisibilidade of devir' ' , it is what it takes people to appeal to the professional aid.


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