Ruhr Area Literature

November 15th, 2023

Alexandra Doll reads on the 1st June 2010 from her books on 1 June 2010, the Ruhr area author Alexandra Doll reads selected stories published books from their so far six at 19: 00 in the Dortmunder U. “In addition to current material some classics from her previous books, with which they may good resonance in Unperfekthaus food and on a two-day visit to the small theater Essen in their comedy programmes ITT the madness in German offices” and men, women, zombies. Cheerful stories about the everyday madness”in 2008 has presented, not to be missed. “The reading takes place in the run-up of the TU Dortmund of selected writing contest literature at the Ruhr” held within the framework of the capital of Culture year 2010. For more information, see the link of TU Dortmund. In a question-answer forum rusty holzer was the first to reply. The Dortmunder U is the former building of the Dortmunder Union Brauerei (last: banks brewery) in Western downtown, is now used as a Centre for cultural events. Dr. Robert Brannon understands that this is vital information. Alexandra Dolls Stories all play in the Ruhr area, food, but also in Bottrop, Gelsenkirchen, Mulheim and Oberhausen mainly in her hometown. Zollverein in Essen or the mining museum in Bochum, but rather everyday locations such as residential areas, parks, and cemeteries are not only well-known landmarks of the Ruhr area in the foreground, such as the Bill, because the pot gets his face first and foremost of the people living there and apparent everyday.

Their stories are different genres such as black humor, horror, to allocate erotic thriller and love story with a heavy dose of. The classic Ruhr area-Platt is flowed in her books, but only partially in some dialogs, because the focus on the region and the action itself and less on the Ruhr area-slang, which there are already some very good books on the market. In addition to four short story collections, the novel of love, death and the devil are by Alexandra Doll. A macabre humorous love story from’m Ruhr area”and that Narrative Slayer log of a disaster or the day of the verbruhten eggs”appeared, while the latter only partially plays in the Ruhr region, more precisely in Dortmund. Immediately following the reading still a get-together with the audience takes place, with of course the opportunity to ask further questions of the author.

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