Self-esteem And Partner

October 5th, 2013

Self-esteem, as difficult as it may seem to believe it, defines the vast majority of our experiences and choices that we are taking over our lives. One such election concerns, precisely how he chose our partner. The value that we believe have is reflected in the couple we have self-esteem has become a very trite concept, and it seems that everybody knows of what he speaks, but I think it is important to return to the meaning of the word. Self-esteem: is that feeling of worth for our person, regardless of the situations that we live. It is in close relationship with personal self-concept, the capabilities we develop, as well as the feeling of certainty of being able to leave it later and resolve our circumstances of life, with our resources. But how self-esteem? Self-esteem grows since we are born. Mainly in childhood and adolescence, its structure is taking shape.

It has to do with relations with our parents, the environment in which we live, as well as our personal characteristics. In other words, self-esteem has to do with how we see and what are the ways of love ourselves. The vast majority of human beings have lived, for reasons that are, with distorted lenses or negative labels, that it is sometimes difficult to delete them. I.e., others have seen us under your glass, and now, we believe or think, that: we are not worthy of love are too ugly little intelligent full of unpleasant too berrinchudos or enojones defects to others self-esteem is that feeling you have toward your own person, your tastes, your physical, your interests and of course, your relationships also is in direct relationship with what you tell yourselfabout it I am always a fool nothing I goes well I have a poor concept of myself this internal dialog determines the type of relationship you establish with a couple Yes really seriously think you’re not worthy of love and a good relationship you have reason.

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