Split Personality

October 26th, 2013

Trying to combine the two different start, it's in the growing split personality comes to desperation, to obsession bordering on madness, between life and death, between reality and paranoid visions. In general, her vision is also not accidental and have a reason – she sees what happened (with the light hand of Thomas) with a former prima ballerina of the theater (Winona Ryder), and understands that it is not by chance that she will be the same. She also understands the corner of my consciousness that is coming to the edge, when Lily gives in to the entreaties of "relax" and on the eve of the crucial plays, which for so long preparing comes with Lily in a club where taking drugs with alcohol, and it loses a familiar control. Follow lesbian sex scene in his mother's house Nina delighted the audience probably stronger than all the other moments in the film. All fell silent, no longer champ popcorn and giggle a mocker. (This scene – almost pornographic, but there context does not break, as some kind of discharge). Overbearing mother, naturally intervenes, trying to keep control over her daughter, but again, another scene, screams and Nina again defends his right to personal choice. Time after time, Nina understands that the main enemy of her – she herself, so she needs to change himself, but for this you need to declare war on all …. what is happening. The entire film is like a sinusoid – rise, fall, rise again, and almost the culmination of …. Types of cerebral palsy usually is spot on.

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