Stella Resorts Gelendzhik

April 29th, 2012

All of this occurs literally at each entrance to the hotel Gelendzhik. Rest in Gelendzhik will charge you with energy for the rest of the year. Gelendzhik On our site you can find detailed information about the resort city of Gelendzhik, its neighborhoods, entertainment, attractions, and about where the best stop. We tried to gather the information necessary for every tourist on holiday in Gelendzhik Gelendzhik private sector, which includes a wide range of private accommodation at affordable prices. For those who want to rest comfortably on the site has a section private hotels Gelendzhik, where everyone can find a hotel with a full set of services.

Because we do not tour operator activities, all information on this site represented accurately. Custom and advertisements are only part of the trade-in shelter, and on the basis of what they had seen and photographed. Most of the ads placed is already present with the past season, so many vacationers have already assessed the level and quality of the proposed housing. Therefore, please kindly to those who have stayed with the hosts, whose ads are present on the site, leave a couple of lines on the forum as suggestions and tips for those traveling for the first time or had not decided on a place of residence in the Black Sea coast. And for those who first went to the resort, we recommend you read the advice Gelendzhik. Gelendzhik: Stella Resorts Gelendzhik stretches for 110 kilometers along the Black Sea coast from the Cape of foam in the Bay to Bay Tsemess Inal. In addition to the city of Gelendzhik, the resort comprises located in the coastal zone of three urban villages: Kabardinka Divnomorskoe and Arhipo-Osipovka small resort towns: Dzhanhot, Praskoveevka, Krynica, Bette, as well as villages and towns do not have access to the sea: Aderbievka, Grape, Renaissance, Michael Pass, Pshada, Tekos, Teshebs.

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