Average Ensino

December 21st, 2019

A woman can transmit for its son (vertical transmission) some illnesses acquired sexually. This transmission it can occur during the pregnancy, in the one close or in breast-feeding. The injunctions, as much for the pregnancy in the adolescence as for HIV/AIDS must be carried through in some levels and under the responsibility of some factors. Whenever Dr. Stuart M. McGill listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Specifically in the case of the pregnancy in the adolescence that, as you vary research, you to a large extent become related of the cases the low income and low escolaridade. The present article has as objective to guide the adolescents and young in relation to the precocious pregnancy and the vertical transmission of the HIV/AIDS, to inform on the reality that is happening with the society of the young and adolescents in Brazil. The subject pregnancy in the adolescence started to attract the attention of the professionals of the health, in Brazil, has 20 years approximately, even because from this time, the adolescence as social category, started to be constituted in the area of the health. In which it was observed that the pupils of 3 ano' ' 03' ' of Average Ensino of the State School Maria Rodrigues Tapajs in the nocturnal period possesss few information on pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS – vertical transmission. Beyond promoting in the behavior responsibilities with respect to precocious pregnancy, to the safe sex, the prevention of the HIV/AIDS and the advancing of the age of the beginning of the sexual activity.

also to stimulate and to value the activities of education and directed information objectifying to increase the knowledge of reproductive biology. Extending the access to the different contraceptive methods and its adjusted handling. In which to eliminate the preconception of that the envolvement of the school in the sexual education stimulates precocious sexual behavior. The research was of bibliographical, exploratrio character, made a investigativo study that objectified to transmit to the pupils which the definition and the importance of the Pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS- vertical transmission examining the reality social searching to fix its objectives to diagnosis the knowledge, the expectations and the values of the referring adolescents to the vertical transmission and the precocious pregnancy.


Imunolgico System

August 27th, 2019

Most common she is that the patient sare with the adequate treatment. (Hammerly, 1971) 1.2.21) Prevention: Vaccine with BCG. Vaccine: BCG (Bacillus of Calmette and Gurin) is one cepa attenuated of Mycobacterium bovis. It has controversy in the production against the pulmonary TB, the referring data the pulmonary TB, the referring data the protection the protection of just been born, in relation the tuberculosa meningite, strengthen indication of the vaccination.

1.2.22) Relation of the Tuberculosis and the AIDS Perceives it analyzing the bibliographical references of the tuberculosis that this has a cause and it even appears in the absence of the HIV or when it was condemned by the AIDS. It has that before any thing entering in contact with the patient and a susceptible patient. characteristics of the susceptibility favor its appearance are similar to the HIV. the tuberculosis presents as etiolgico agent the Mycobacterium tuberculosis, that is a bacterium. In the reality the HIV does not lead favors an opportune way for the appearance of the tuberculosis. Lowering the resistance of the Imunolgico System, opening the opportune way for the appearance of the tuberculosis. Lowering the resistance of the imunolgico system, opening way to penetrate, having little resistance. The appearance of the tuberculosis, beyond the presence is closely on with the life conditions.

The designated ones coincide with the ones of the co-factors and the AIDS. One perceives that it has a relation between one and another one. In consequence the tuberculosis is common enters the HIV/AIDS carriers. It is not simply the presence.