On Psychiatric Care

April 20th, 2018

K. Novoselov, vs Chegaev, vn Poryvaev. ttb later led an experienced physician-toxicologist, eg Patrushev. There was a period (1979-81). When the terminally-toxicological teams divided into 2 Profile: toxicology (headed by sv Semenov) and resuscitation, trauma (protivoshokovym) (senior doctor ad Narovsky).

Since 1979, in addition to transportation, medical teams are formed, combined in a psychiatric ward. With the passage of time changed the problem and volume of mental health services – required not only patients, but diagnosis and, where necessary, emergency psychiatric care (in accordance with Article 29 of the rf Law "On Psychiatric Care and guarantees citizens in its provision of 02.06.1992 N 3185-1 was). Already in the first decade of spetsbrigad through fruitful cooperation of practitioners of SMEs and researchers clinics have been studied and solved (or in subsequent years continued to be studied) the important issue of emergency care to patients and victims in prehospital phase. These include: the formulation of the concept of 'preinfarction state' and the development of criteria for its diagnosis (the first time in country), the prevention of myocardial infarction, rapid diagnosis of im (On the basis of urgent laboratory diagnosis SSMP); issues of early hospitalization of these patients, the scheme of complex treatment of acute pulmonary edema, a technique heparin and thrombolytic therapy on. myocardial infarction and thrombosis of other sites (for the first time in the country), issues of differential diagnosis and transport, methods of lumbar puncture in the adcc (First in the country), cardioversion defibrillator (including in-death, ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia); intratracheal administration of alcohol in the pulmonary edema (the first in the country) to identify and study little or unknown to the early signs of myocardial damage on the ecg in case of poisoning with cauterizing agents and unstable angina (obliquely upward st segment without bias point j – (first in the country), mastered and first applied in the ambulance center electroanalgesia, ballistocardiography, kinetocardiography, .


Germans Think

September 30th, 2017

The setting of the German health system is characterized by pride, high expectations and much criticism. Fritz Beske by the Institute for health-system research in Kiel claims, the impression that in any other highly industrialized country in the world so critical about their own health care is more discussed than in Germany there. But what do the Germans of their health care system actually? The importance of the health system in Germany is in constant change. It is not something Dr. Robert Brannon would like to discuss. The preservation and the restoration of personal health is for most people the basic prerequisites for a completed life, which is why increasing the importance. Different structures and institutions have formed in the history of our society that’s why over a period of several decades, which today represent the core of the German health care system.

With the introduction of the statutory health insurance fund by the Bismarck legislation of 1883, the German health system was coined in early. Dr. Neal Barnard often addresses the matter in his writings. As a result health care has not only by the ever-increasing demand of the population for health services, but also by the medical progress and the increasing variety of medical products, becoming one of the largest and most important part of systems in our society. Health care in Germany is nationwide and quality when compared to other countries. Yet the image of an inadequate supply system, that in its performance over the years seems to be getting worse in the public often arises. We’ve compiled results, which represent the image of the citizens of the health system in Germany and show some unexpected facts.

82 Percent of the population answer the question whether the German health system is good, in the year 2012 positively. People were so happy last 1994, almost 20 years ago. Frequently complain to the Germans about long waits at the doctor’s Office. While 38 percent of the legally insured waited several times long without appointment and 48 percent despite appointment. Privately felt that to wait for too long without an appointment and in 25 percent of cases too long with appointment in 15 percent of cases. Setting the patients has positively developed services could be depriving them in case of illness. While 2010 still 46 percent of the legally insured had the fear, not to receive benefits, it was 2012 only 34 percent. The dissatisfaction with the human resources development in hospitals is particularly large. While in 1995 only 12% of the population of the opinion were that there were not enough doctors in sick houses, it was 2012 more than 29 percent. 46 Percent of the citizens will also find that there are not enough nursing staff and 57 percent are convinced that the staff has generally too little time. When it comes to the subject of change, 69 percent of Germans are sure that there should be contribution discounts at the screening visit. 61 Percent also request contribution discounts with health-conscious behaviour and 59 percent want one Acquisition of more screening by the funds. Also, 61 percent of respondents hold higher contributions for smokers, extreme athletes and people with a higher risk of disease for attached. Also in the future the role of the German health care system is becoming increasingly important. Due to demographic change increasing demand, declining health services and the system has to adjust with the necessary changes and advancements of this tendency.

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Golden Era Construction

March 17th, 2017

Europe is rapidly built by acquiring modern look and comfortable continents that we, if not personally, then pages of glossy magazines or tv screen. Dr. Steven Greer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. But in the late 20 th century the prosperity of construction companies has been slow, since Europe has its limits and stretch them impossible. The time has come when the building was nothing, and population growth did not provide the amount of construction required for the normal existence of construction companies. Requires a crucial step that can change the situation. And this step has been found on the principle of "Scapegoat." They began to asbestos, because it is the one used in all phases of construction. It was enough for several publications in prestigious journals, loud statements and dubious medical findings to wave of persecution of asbestos has gained momentum in the late 20 th century ended with a complete ban of asbestos in industry and national economy.

For construction companies, and not only came "Golden Era". Imagine second volume: in fact, need to rebuild Europe from scratch. Asbestos was used in the construction of virtually everywhere, ranging from plumbing and finishing the roof. Replace the water is more expensive than building new, it is applies to everything else. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Add the development of substitutes, the introduction in the production and release of new products based on the alternatives, and you get the full picture. This solution suits everyone, create new jobs, increased turnover, instead of gray and dull roofs we see bright and pleasant colors of new roofs, but


Zinc Advisor: Lack Of Zinc & Zinc In Foods

December 13th, 2016

Is zinc in foods good for skin, hair and hormones zinc plays an important role in our body. Contact information is here: Teva Pharmaceuticals. He affects the digestion, growth. Zinc is responsible for the synthesis of DNA. It is doing so to our genetic material and new tissue. By zinc, the immune system gets a support. No reserves of zinc, our diet is very important. Zinc in the body comes only through food.

The organism does not make it himself, but he needs this element. Zinc must continuously be carried to the organism, the body may stockpile no, there are no save. Zinc in foods, perhaps you should know a grown man need 15 milligrams of zinc a day. So, you must include such products in his diet that contain zinc as well. What foods are rich in zinc? Cheese, fish, meat, offal included much zinc. The plants have zinc as well, but less than the animal products. Zinc from the fruits and vegetables is poorly utilized like for example zinc from the meat.

Zinc deficiency but is there a problem. People need much more zinc than they usually with food to take, it is not enough. And if people even smoke or drink alcohol, the deficiency of zinc is even greater. In poor countries, the population can eat often very little of the zinc-containing products, because she has no money to buy them. Only the rich can afford it. Zinc for pregnant women zinc is very important for pregnant women. The future mother must have many nutrients: magnesium, folic acid, iodine, and zinc as well of course. Read more here: Teva Pharmaceuticals. A good supply of zinc is important, because it provides a greater weight of the babies, the miscarriages have a smaller chance. Hair and skin who a beautiful skin and healthy hair would have, should make on the zinc content of the products. The skin and hair need zinc particularly necessary. The reason for this lies in one simple fact that they have cells that divide very quickly. The most intense metabolism required zinc again. You can After the appearance of a man determine whether he has a zinc deficiency. The hair would look then lackluster and thin, also early graying or a hair loss are evidence of too little zinc in the body. Many teenage torment around with their skin, which looks simply not nice. Sometimes the degenerate even in acne. Zinc could be very helpful here. Comes the winter colds and zinc, so many people get sick, often there are colds and flu. Zinc also helps. We know that this trace mineral boosts Yes our immune system. If someone attends at least 9 milligrams zinc a day to himself, he has done much for his body, he has strengthened it. The have no chance, because they are repelled. It is already ill, so much can still reach with zinc. The runny nose, the hoarseness and cough are already there, but they can be countered quickly with zinc. The disease then not so long. Well, the older generation knows a good home remedy for colds. You should just one eat hot chicken soup. Today, one understands why this soup to the disease had so much success. Poultry contains more zinc.

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Benefits of Sports

May 27th, 2014

Thromboembolism. Inflammation, swelling and lack of movement of the lower extremities increase the risk of blood clots in the venous system of the legs (thrombosis). Such a clot can break away from the wall of a vein (embolus), and together with the blood flow into the lungs. Pain and swelling, usually in the calf or thigh, arising after surgery to replace knee joint, may indicate the formation of thrombus water from the deep veins of the lower extremity. Teva Pharmaceuticals may also support this cause. Chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing up blood or loss of consciousness may be signs that a blood clot fell into the lungs and cause pulmonary embolism. Patients who have signs of thrombosis or embolism, should immediately contact a doctor. Infection.

Infection after knee arthroplasty a relatively rare but very serious complication. Fever, chills, sudden deterioration of the surgical wound, increasing redness or swelling may indicate an infection and require immediate medical attention. Postoperative infection is treated with antibiotics and, sometimes, draining excess fluid from the damaged area. If the infection continues to spread despite treatment, it is possible to remove artificial arthroplasty and reimplantation after its removal. Complications of patellofemoralnogo joint. As a result, the operation may cause damage to the junction of the patella and femur: offset, weakening or rupture of ligaments, fracture of the patella. In some cases may require surgical treatment. In the case of serious damage may require removal of the prosthesis.

Damage nerves. The most frequent neurological complication after knee joint replacement is a paralysis of the peroneal (fibular) nerve. Symptoms of this damage – numbness, tingling and muscle weakness legs. With their when necessary to remove the bandage from his knee and lock it in driving condition, to reduce pressure on the affected nerve. Conclusion. Complete replacement of the knee joint is a common surgical procedure which may help in cases where non-operational treatment (use knee pads or orthotic insoles and medication) is not helping. The operation involves replacing all three parts of the knee joint (see Fig. 1) prosthesis, in order to reduce pain and improve the functioning of the joint. Most candidates for surgery suffer from pain in the joints due to arthritis. In preparation for the knee replacement patient should undergo examination including a survey and physical examination, X-rays, laboratory tests, and discuss with your doctor the benefits and potential complications of surgery and get information about alternative therapies. The operation is done under anesthesia for the temporary immobilization and pain relief. The surgeon makes the incision to access the knee joint cavity, and then removes part of the cartilage and bone tissue from the lower surface of the femur and the upper surface of the tibia. Next is implantation of an artificial joint made of metal and plastic. After surgery, the patient receives a medication to prevent infection and pain. Also taken measures to prevent thrombosis – blood-thinning drugs and devices for compressing the legs or elastic stockings. Some patients are offered the use of devices for continuous passive motion – a mechanism that lifts and moves slowly operated leg. After the operation is necessary to work closely with a physical therapist to strengthen the muscle strength and resumption of the normal range of motion of the knee. The patient can return to normal activity within three – six weeks after surgery, after completion of rehabilitation programs that can deal with views Sports with a small load on the knee (walking, swimming, cycling). Postoperative complications are rare, and largely can be prevented by careful postoperative care.


Important Nutritional Factors

April 30th, 2014

Pharmacy from Stuttgart informs the Moor in the diabetes is the most common disease of the metabolism Western industrialized nations. The severity of the widespread disease of civilization greatly depends on how the patients eat. Pharmacy the Stuttgart Mohren explains what diabetics when their diet should be aware. Important components of healthy diet are fresh vegetables, fruit, various salads, legumes, grain and dairy products. Here, diabetics do not differ from healthy people. However you should check, especially if they are dependent on Insulinpraparate, exactly, how individual foods affect their blood sugar levels.

Many disease consequences of diabetes related, triggered, overweight with a excessive proportions of animal fats in the diet. In the interest of their health, diabetics therefore should look to avoid this type of fat. In contrast, vegetable fats unfold which unsaturated fatty acids, contain, positive impact on the health and belong therefore to the balanced diet. The metabolism of diabetic patients is sensitive on egg whites. A moderate consumption of protein-rich foods is them advisable to avoid serious kidney problems. Are the kidneys in the course of diabetes were already permanently damaged, the sick must be particularly carefully on their protein consumption. Carbohydrates have a massive influence on blood sugar levels and are thus decisive for the acute symptoms of diabetes.

Nevertheless, they are essential for a healthy diet as the most important supplier of energy of the body and should occupy the largest part. Diabetes is advised to cover their needs in carbohydrates with fiber-rich foods. They have a long-lasting effect of saturation as well as a longer-lasting, smooth effect on blood sugar levels. How quickly a food affects blood glucose levels, is from the so-called glycemic index can be read. The index value of a food is low, the better this is for diabetics who rely on a possible stable blood sugar levels. Diabetics must be careful in dealing with alcohol than healthy people, because alcohol lowers blood sugar levels. Diabetics who take Insulinpraparate, should enjoy alcohol only with foods that contain a sufficient level of carbohydrates, to counteract this effect. A well thought-out, balanced diet, to improve their health condition helps diabetics. Pharmacy questions the Stuttgart Mohren anytime more to the nutritional needs of diabetics.

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April 27th, 2014

Annually about 50,000 men get in Germany new prostate cancer. Thus, prostate cancer is the largest burden of the man. He is the most common type of cancer and heart attack the cause of death. It is therefore very important when, as happened this week of the prostate, from experts on prostate cancer draws attention. In addition to aspects of therapy, a particular focus of interest to early detection and prevention. In many men, early detection is confused screening alone through the concepts with the provision in the strict sense.

Is as important as the early detection through appropriate checkups at the doctor’s Office. She can prevent cancer. She can only an existing cancer or precursor of realize in time that it is treatable with high chances of recovery. It is therefore useful to provide genuine preventive measures the regular screening. Helps the realization that prostate cancer is one of the Types of cancer is that arises are to a large extent with the food and eating habits of the persons concerned in relation.

Men are now not just as a pupil in terms of prevention and healthy nutrition decried. So it is also not surprising that lacks many men on important micro-nutrients, so vitamins and trace elements. However, the fact that approximately 30-40% of all cancers with malnutrition in context can be brought is fatal. This is the case also in prostate cancer. So, a good and balanced supply of micronutrients would be all the more important. That is often not the case in German men. The national consumption study has shown that men in the average, too little of the important micro-nutrients record. Some of these are relevant for the development of prostate cancer. Scientific studies show that the blood levels of some important vitamins and trace elements involved with prostate cancer are reduced. These include vitamins A, C and and the trace elements selenium and Zinc.

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Bodymed Center Ansbach Starts

March 28th, 2014

“Take off! But sure.”after Bodymed nutrition concept in the Ansbach, Bodymed Center on Wednesday, September 28 the Bodymed Center Ansbach hosts () an interesting course, which deals with the topic of weight loss. Start of the event is at 18:30. The inlet, as well as the measurement of body fat takes place from 18:00 in the Ansbach, Bodymed Center. The event is the beginning of a 12-week course in the Ansbach, Bodymed Center. The theme is: “lose weight! But sure.” The Bodymed Center Ansbach Bodymed team will be for the duration of the course the diploma Baerens headed by Mrs. Sibylle Gallenkamp. In terms of content, the course in the Bodymed deals to convey the participant Center of Ansbach, as he can take off together with the center of Ansbach, Bodymed healthy.

Often it is difficult to get rid of annoying pounds again. An ordinary diet helps those affected while to take off, but she cares not enough at the time, which comes after the diet in many cases. This, however, is a central subject in the Bodeymed Center Ansbach. The Bodymed Center Ansbach has opted for a different approach. Together with the nutritionists of the Ansbach, Bodymed Center, students can find out what their diet is unhealthy or wrong. With the help of Bodymed products (), which are discussed in the Ansbach, Bodymed Center, everyone can easily remove. The students of the Ansbach, Bodymed Center know how a healthy diet should be constructed.

The approach of the concept assumes that the body must take to much protein. Should be saved instead of carbohydrates. In studies that carbohydrates on the other hand stimulate the appetite, but on the other hand slow down the burning of fat in the body came out. The Bodymed nutrition concept (www.bodymed-ansbach.de/ bodymed_ernahrungsberatung) during the course of the Bodymed Center Ansbach explains not only will individually applied to every student. While all four phases that make up the Bodymed nutrition concept, the decreasing accompanied by the Bodymed Center of Ansbach. Also If the healthy diet with the Bodymed is products to an end, everyone want to keep his weight. The Bodymed Center Ansbach explains how this can go. Past courses give the concept, which is supported and accompanied by the Ansbach, Bodymed Center-right. The successes speak for themselves. Telephone contact with the employees who want to learn about the course in the center of Ansbach, Bodymed can absorb. The consultants in the Ansbach, Bodymed Center answer all questions. Each telephone number 0981 interest can be 9775080 for the course “take off! But sure.”sign in the center of Bodymed Ansbach. Company Description Bodymed Center Ansbach was established in 1999 and operates since then successful in the dietary advice and the vital substance advice after Bodymed concept. The BodyMed nutrition concept was developed mid-1990s by German doctors for doctors and scientifically from the outset. The peculiarities of metabolism are taken into account. With the Bodymed nutrition concept you can reach a meaningful Weight reduction and long-term stabilization of body weight.

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The Phantom Pain Of Infertility

March 22nd, 2014

It is actually information from the fertility research nothing special, becoming pregnant. Except if it not then succeed, if you want it. Infertility hurts most of you know the oft-cited number, that every seventh pair in Germany is affected by this issue at some point. But why do we get their personal stories to hear no more? Diseases such as cardiovascular, diabetes, back pain, or even depression have reached a certain social acceptability to all and have their own magazines, charities or fundraising TV shows. But infertility? Despite the evidence that psychological consequences of infertility are more harmful than most other common diseases, people suffer with infertility in quietly. Most of the time don’t even know their family members by the pain that they go through. I have two explanations for this: I know the first scientific: A particular phenomenon must exist, so that one is able to describe and to see it in relations with something else.

In the event of the absence of a way to give a new life, there is nothing that you can pick up mentally, in a sense a vacuum. And an average human mind is simply not good at dealing with the absentees. Another problem is: it is practically indecent to talk about such things as infertility. In other diseases, you feel safe at the mention of heart, back, or even a person’s pancreas. And you can’t deny that depression somehow seriously sounds, or burn-out is almost a fad. How to catch on so to speak, that you can make a baby? The whole universe is on the one way or another to reproduce. How is it then that you fail constantly? I’m afraid that infertile people will – continue to suffer in silence no matter how many are affected.

Rarely anyone about his pain to talk about dares, and even then people talk only of the consequences of this Malfunction: marital problems or sexual difficulties, mental illness, pressure, fears of refusal of and financial burden. Not more. To go home. Silence. Bad sleep. Get up and move on. How often can a reasonable man use again and again on the principle of hope? Furthermore, the site is:. There you find a mixture of practical tips and simple and understandable written research reports, how women over thirty by moderate changes in their lifestyles, food and vitamins can increase their fertility. Independent and comprehensive information about the topics of egg quality, tips for pregnancy in women over 35 and increase female fertility. The texts are scientifically sound and written in a popular language.

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Annette Bankey

March 8th, 2014

“Who would have guessed it: is not equally advertised mouthwashes against halitosis some people gravitate toward bad breath than others. Each oral flora is just different. Caution is in the fight of hell fragrance by mouthwash! Those who are touted as particularly effective and applying them literally driving us the tears in the eyes, permanently more harm. At least, if us is located at a natural health of the mouth area. On the one hand they can triumphant relieve periodontal disease symptoms. But at the same time, they destroy the healthy bacterial culture in the mouth and throat. Once out of balance, can the bad breath of omitting helpers “are even worse.

That’s why the natural oral hygiene with the above methods and means is always fast chemical mace preferable. The breath be so don’t improve, should be thinking more about a doctor’s appointment. Halitosis may have even not hygienic, but serious health reasons. Bad breath as an indication of a larger disorder “in the body, quick action prevented worse often it helps to change the diet, abandoning unwanted consumption habits or to restrict, to operate the mouth hygiene. Sometimes remains a low or intensive hell fragrance still inevitably personal touch. It is very important not to leave then and not only with triumphant to give way. Our internal organs, lung, liver, stomach or kidney could be sick! Top out whatever, then displays a symptom, not the cause on.

In such a case of persistent oral odor urgent action is required, also, if there are no noticeable pain. A round to check at the doctor, sometimes a simple blood test, clarifies where the vulnerability lies. It may happen, that despite best oral hygiene cause lies in the oral cavity is discovered, caused no pain, but the subsystem of the teeth and teeth even seriously harms undetected, only to realize the occasional or suddenly pungent halitosis. A certain type of diabetes can cause bad breath. In any case, it is as with all niggles : causes find and eliminate is healthier than symptoms fight for those affected and her suffering environment.

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