Hypertension During Pregnancy

May 1st, 2013

The only person to say whether women can medicate (or continue medication) and what are the most appropriate drugs in case of suffering from hypertension is the specialist who controls your pregnancy. In general, the guidelines to follow depend on the degree of hypertension that women suffer. If a woman has a slightly high blood pressure, are medical and is trying to get pregnant or see that it is already, physician usually suspends pharmacological treatment that is following, as there could be risk of drugs to increase the morbidity and mortality of the fetus. Where blood pressure is moderately high, in general you should continue taking drugs antihypertensives. However, some of the drugs that are safe for women can injure the fetus, so specialist will review the medication, because we have determined most appropriate drugs during pregnancy. Each month, it is necessary to perform a scan for kidney function and the growth of the fetus is controlled with ultrasounds. Pregnant women with severe hypertension require special care and rigorous control, even hospitalization during the second half of pregnancy. Pregnancy can greatly worsen hypertension and in mother cause swelling of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, renal failure, heart failure and death.

For the fetus, there are also serious risks such as premature detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall (Placental Abruption: oxygen and nutrient supply received by the fetus is interrupted and this may die). Although the placenta does not fall off, hypertension can reduce the blood supply that receives the placenta and retard fetal growth. In any case, as we say, will be the specialist indicating treatment adecuadopara each case, weighing risks and benefits. Probably give certain physical and nutritional guidelines to avoid complications in mild cases. And always a good gestational control is necessary to prevent the risks posed suffering hypertension during pregnancy, and as far as possible bring healthy habits since before achieve pregnancy to not suffer the disease when it does not suffer from chronically.

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The Disease

April 24th, 2013

Such technology also already allows us to isolate these substances and sell them separately, or mix them to search for a desired result and well documented. And so everything that is derived from the solid knowledge: research and discoveries, recognition of new nutrients, benefits of each food, weaknesses, effect of poisons inherent in the types of food, etc. It is question to think about it. Before math, someone who is considered to be physical, and that attempted to describe accurately the phenomena that surround us, in practical terms had no key tools for modeling such behaviors (them could understand, and predict behaviors, but in an empirical manner). But mathematics, opens up a whole new field of research and development resulting in the extensive knowledge that we have now. Advance them that nutrition is taking a similar revolution that advances by leaps thanks to great technology we already have. And those who hesitate to not believe me, I invite you to investigate!.What types of technologies are there in this regard? a lot: extensive physiological examinations, capacity of cellular analysis, advanced organic chemistry, etc., etc. The more you involucres in the area, more you catch different lines of thought in terms of types of nutrition and nutritional strategies recommended: that if Herbalism, if nutrition orthomolecular, that if control the dietary regime, suppression of certain foods, etc. All have a lot to say in his favor (some have nothing to say). And yet everything has something in common: the search for a supersalud (and of course, the Elimination of the disease). This is what interests us, and on this we will be covering road. Let’s start with the most basic.There are different ways of dividing the food groups, and this is the most general: macronutrients, micronutrients and Oligolementos. In respective order, are the nutrients that the body requires in a lot, hence in small amounts (very small in proportion to the macro), and finally those who are needed in infinitesimal quantities (really small quantities). Each group is extremely important. And they all have their myths and taboos, especially the macro and micro. In fact these two first groups are those that more are in a position of control. Trace elements should be treat with pincitas since they can easily become poisons if consumed in excess. However this is something not worry, since almost any nutritional product or dietary supplement contains trace amounts of trace elements (at least that I am naming as trace elements, define it over time).We are going to quickly address what should know about each group in the next few posts. Everything will be very general since they are incredibly broad themes, but I’m in the best available to answer specific questions in the comments. Until the next.

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Spanish Heart Foundation

February 26th, 2013

The heart can you Bye Bye hairs. And it is the leading company in our country in the field of laser hair removal (epilation system that offers permanent results in a few sessions, painless and very affordable), wants to show his solidarity with the work that day carries out the Spanish Heart Foundation in raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases, first cause of death in Spain. We put our grain of sand with the collaboration of includetransportation centers in a non cash contribution that will help to minimize this type of deaths but that it involves a series of income to the Foundation, explains Carmen Lozano, Director General of Bye Bye Pelos. A solidarity action that appreciate that not only help a greater number of citizens may soon prevent than cure but also to raise funds for the awareness actions that the institution carries out from the Spanish Heart Foundation. From the Spanish Foundation of the Heart positively value our participation in this type of campaign, since the final objective of the contribution we receive is to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits as preventive measure against CVD (cardiovascular disease), first cause of death in Spain and in the world, says Dr. Leandro Plaza, Chairman of the FEC. Why Bye Bye hairs, it has launched a public awareness campaign in order to raise money for the Organization, which calls for the solidarity of the greatest number of people. In a simple way as the send an sms with the word heart 25118 and whose cost is 1.20 euros will try to collect the largest possible number. A gesture that Bye Bye hairs will appreciate a safe Award for all and each of the participants wishing to combat cardiovascular diseases – is offering a session of laser hair removal of English or armpits (to be chosen by each person and valued at 25 and 45 euros respectively) to perform on the network of centres that Bye Bye Hairs has operating throughout the Spanish geography.

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