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May 1st, 2018

Internatinalisierung important in Biberach/Seekirch, 26 12 2009 – engineering that is pleasing, because the machinery was particularly hard hit by the economic crisis. The VDMA, for example, reported that in the first quarter of 2009, slightly more than 40% fewer new orders than in the previous year were recorded. From August to October 2009 was negative when compared to the previous year is still about 30%. In this respect a slight improvement was noticeable, but on the part of the VDMA this should be not already viewed as a reversal of trend. Taking together both statements Professor sense and VDMA -, a permanent increase will arise in the medium term, its altitude and speed are however not really predictable. A quote from the article world market demands intelligent strategies ‘ 10 9, 2007 – theme channels/managementundit /…

-can be used also for today once again: so many companies had to first get in trouble before it dared abroad, such as in the discussion of the Arbeitskreis total global – smarter produce for the world market “at the VDMA AGM in Hamburg showed.” In this article, a number of companies are called, who not only managed to survive through the internationalization of your distribution, but took an upturn not suspected. Since permanently changed the economy, worldwide constantly replacements are necessary, emerge new customers that previously did not exist, or take certain sectors, like for example the solar energy, an unexpected upturn, one of the most important tasks of the company is the permanent monitoring of the markets and implement the findings for their own company. For these tasks, every company needs a roadmap ‘ in the form of a carefully worked-out marketing plan, the both opportunities as well as if necessary. Contains risks, the key markets for the company or market segments recorded and observed, and finally provides numbers works, who call the company the expense, who achieve certain Objectives is necessary. This results in decisions that allow him to plan the further development of the company and control for the entrepreneur.

Assistance at all stages of the internationalization features the internationally experienced marketing and sales consultant Michael Richter – Seekirch in Baden Wurttemberg. Judge devoted in particular small – and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and first information available on its website. The country experiences can be found the page. Contact: Marketing and sales consulting international Michael Richter 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany biography/Vita Michael Richter is an independent consultant specializing in strategic marketing of capital goods and durable consumer goods. His experience refers to all distribution channels, including direct sales, distribution, partnerships, Internet marketing and more. He has more than 18 years of experience as a consultant and was previously more than 10 years in senior positions in various industries working by the SMEs to large enterprises. It supports companies of all sizes – from the strategic monitoring of the market – research, marketing planning and objectives for sales, to the implementation of his recommendations – worldwide. In addition, he holds internal lectures on all aspects of international marketing. His knowledge of the country resulting from the occupation in/for more than 50 countries on all 5 continents.


Translations Of The New Era

April 14th, 2018

Em through launches innovative website the translation company for all languages and disciplines em right starts to the new year original with a new Internet presence. The elegant design is not only visually, but was also enriched with high-quality 3D and animation images which reflect the futuristic spirit of latest computer technology and specially designed. The informative web site with an improved user experience and an expanded service offering sets clear and unmistakable by their emotional positioning, which contributes the exclusive movie spot to a considerable degree of communication, distinctive sign for a whole new form. He offers the viewer the certain kick and thus an emotional sense of achievement with a high added value. The innovative Internet presence of em is an expression of a translation company of new era with charisma, which is in the middle of the real market, and has learned to understand the customer world through continuous and open dialogues in his own way. The fascination, Needs emotion and delight in the challenge of what the customer really wants and what is personally important to him, to develop together with him and his language to speak, the enthusiasm for its products or services, accompanied by a sincere relationship of trust, which can lead to both sides in a sense of achievement requires the relevant to the respective customer and correct message. Especially honesty and openness are to commit decisive factors and is this also to the weaknesses, because these can be the greatest strengths at some point if one has enough insight and self-knowledge, to work together with the customer and to learn. Recently QUANTUM PACIFIC sought to clarify these questions.

Translations of the new era, with their own style and bundled with corporate values in an extraordinary fascination and strength, that define a new contact management and promote successful business relationships, as well as intensive customer ties by the driving force of the emotions and high Goals, because nothing is moving as a language. They characterizes feelings, ways of thinking, behavior, and thus the action and reflects values of human coexistence in an impressive way. The success of the new Web site was already after a few days not only by increased traffic, but also by increased requests.


Staff Sickness

October 1st, 2017

The detectives procured you can evidence the pay sick pay law (EFzG) committed to the employer to pay the wages specified in the employment contract or the salary this, although this may not provide Yes the contractually owed work performance during an illness of an employee for up to six weeks. Although this obligation applies only from the fifth week of employment, so she can represent an immense burden of costs for the employer. Usually, workers are ill not several weeks at a time. But it is striking that often weekends or before or after the weekend days are included. Suspicion quickly arises of workers is perhaps not really sick, but for leisure or renovations to the home uses the days. How can an employer in appropriate cases respond? If you want to separate from the employee by notice, objectively verifiable facts must be, a serious breach of the Employment contract represent and make it impossible to continue the employment relationship with confidence. The company itself is overwhelmed with the review of staff sickness.

A man not necessarily has manpower to visit the ill officially reported employees. Also professional detectives can operate much more discreet, so that it does not get with the observed person and to cling if necessary, equally suitable for the Court the facts of the Blaumachens by means of photo – and video evidence. If necessary the detectives as a witness standing trial available.