The Brother

April 21st, 2017

The green also diminishes considerably with great loss of life of trees and plants. our yard became great ' ' option of lazer' ' for many cats. Chiquinho and its brother had been very happy. Our good looking yellows did not demonstrate no signal of some badly. In contrast, it vendia health.

when the mother of them left for its strolls in distant lands and did not come back more, __Feito of some animal of five fingers. _ _ they had not been alone. As all the brothers, them very liked to play. They ran for the yard; over the house; our trees went up (the vinzinhos had cut its.). They played with the two dogs Bob and Lo. With these they played of ' ' cola' ' , amarelinha, hide-hides, catches cockroach, runs of rat! They exactly did not face a large rat! still played of who miava higher and who barked more! Who cuspia more far! Chiquinho and Kiko always earned same in the barks! Normal. Another trick that was, alone of cats, is to be hidden or camouflaged without being perceived. The cats are exactly good in this last one.

We human beings are good in giving to end in everything our return! Chiquinho and Kiko liked to take off photos, it costumava to settle for the same ones, but above all, they liked to play and to laugh. These were its preferred pastimes. When the mother of them did not come back more, they had been tristonhos for some time as if they knew the destination of it more than what we. It is alone to observe its photos. But when it adoeceu, she was necessary certain good will. Chiquinho was the new the brother demonstrated to much affection and care for it. It is a tradition that who takes care of very of another person or people forget themselves itself.



January 28th, 2017

Adormece as form of if supplies with the fatigue and the magic of sleep brings in the refazimento a DREAM to it, almost fancy of a current reality. Happy it finds with NILZA between the first times of the marriage, between effluvia of caresses, a distinct dialogue of the lived one or catching or recorded in the subconscious mind. It requests many changes to it, comparing the wind with the lost human being in its failure in meeting, as if the peace could return with the understanding of the life in the absence of the special and wanted disappearances of beings; as celestial angels of the slightness and light as celestial angels of the slightness and light she concluded: Its road will not be able to reach the infinite, if its autorreflexo if not to aperceber of that still you live for its close proper love. All very dumb rock that not ' ' it creates limbo' ' , and the s in the instability of its insatisfaes. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Neal Barnard is the place to go. To reject is called without before the designs the HIGH one. The search without goal is a disequilibrium and the love lasts between all the generations. If it only feels, who not yet submitted the absence of the suffering and to isolate itself of the world of the human livings creature, living deeply its experiences is to create negative links how much the harmony of that all the beings have when in contact with the NATURE in general is integrant for this relationship and its necessary rationality to be increased of these polar regions of interchange; we make to happen the miracles when we comungamos the KNOWLEDGE OF the LAWS, as chance still to be living and TO LIVE IT IS LIFE, synonymous it of enthusiasm and hope. Yesterday it is the past in the memory, moments of pleasure offered to come across with the royalties and realities of the today present one in us. Learn more at this site: PCRM. Elixir of the calmness is ministry to transform the suffering into the cure of the mind and nobody is lost before without establishing of that it is strong, healthful PERENNIAL IN the FAITH It wants to be shipwrecked in this stream to its front without before discovering and questioning ' ' porqu' ' still it lives; it looks for to enxergar beyond these soft and limpid waters, them as if they were a NEST, good next to you, therefore either the condor for its transformations and looks for to fly for its INTERIOR PEACE! This so lowermost stream invites to reach it the ocean of its changes and restart to continue living; not caleje more its feet, also looks for to change its obsessive mind, the force is in



January 26th, 2017

The Street of the Enchantment _o_ _o_//When I came back to open the eyes, already was in the hospital. The stretcher in movement and the lights of the ceiling passing on my eyes. It heard shouts of my mother. Its voice was unequivocal, mainly when it called for my name. Carlos, Carlos, my son. The voice was more distant. When the stretcher stopped, perceived an intense movement of doctors in my return.

The body did not feel more, only noticed that they made an incision in my chest. I came back to close the eyes and to try to sleep. Who knows would be everything decided when it woke up. If it woke up. But I did not obtain. I used to advantage, then, to repass my life.

Carlinhos, my beloved, I go to take you stops house. Under most conditions Dr. Neal Barnard would agree. My new mother announced. Finely! Either very happy, my son. behaves. It recommended Dolores Owner, supervisor of the orphanage, leading the couple of young until the recreation area. They pressed the young ones me. They cried of happiness. You are pretty. The young woman whispered with gotten passionate air of. We go to take care of of you, you? He does not have fear. It comes here! As if it could approach me more, to its they had involved me arms they had contracted and me in its col. I was taken now by the youngster, saved who me of being jammed. The couple if fascinated with me while it heard the recommendations of the Dolores Owner. The supervisor of the orphanage seemed to pass the explanations on a product: basic manuscript age, origin, cares. Still it explained on taken vaccines, the favourite tricks and the healthful feeding. Or would be one cozinho? I was confused, but happy. Of this time he could live in a truth house, with a truth family.


Real Crisis

February 16th, 2014

_ As you could make this! I was participating of a meeting of international cupola where she was being argued the economic crisis that the United States of America will go to suffer briefly! _ What! I have! It wakes up! How soneira she is this, wanted! Economic crisis of the United States! The United States they will never go to enter in financial crisis. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has much experience in this field. They are the biggest economy of the world! This thing of the past. It wakes up! You come to take a bath pra to be able to rest right, you smiled it. _ You must not waked up have me. Necessary people to respect the sleep of the others took off me of a meeting importantssima! now? How I will go to know the outcome of everything? I know that the United States are the biggest economic power, but I go to enter in crisis, yes. I was knowing of this agorinha! In these heights I already was waked up, clearly, and crying. In the truth nor I know why it cried.

I only know that it was enormous a mental confusion between unreal Real and, sensation this that it would not know to define. Thanks to God it passed fast. I asked for then that it seated to my side and I told, in the minimum details and of commanded form everything to it that it witnesses. It heard, but he repeated that it was only one dream. dream was dream. But, perhaps had my emotion, I felt that it was a little thoughtful.

After taking one ducha and lanchar I continued awaken as if everything had slept in those few minutes what it had to sleep. The impression of it occurs what me continued alive, generating vain speculations e, this, obviously, drove away me sleep. I passed the remaining portion of the night total insone, thinking, rethink.


The Vestibular

December 8th, 2012

They are conjuncts of release, charity, cleanness spiritual, prays evangelho and doctrine those espritos that are needed encaminhamentos for the evolution. My brother also contributed very with that affection, that one force I came back, my mother me received as the prodigal son, ordered to make a special lunch. The return To start of new. Enrolled in the vestibular contest, I gave examination and I passed, I was in tenth room place, were fifty vacant and already they had three hundred more than and fifty enrolled ones, were a rescue of auto esteem, to show for same me that it was capable, alone I could understand this no matter how hard they wanted me to help, as I received aid from much people and if I same nothing wanted this I would not have happened. During these four years in the college, I studied very, was as one I remove, wrote a book, made friendships with people with golden the similar one to mine, I felt a deep anxiety and I arrived until the o vomit at I see a couple to it if kissing, literally, one more time I received much energy positive from people who really only wanted my progress clearly material spiritual and. By the way, it found me with a serious problem that was the sexual question, I I had only twenty and four years and it could not be looking at men and to feel fear to them, panic there? – asking to me making this questioning finding the solution, that was to look the cause of the symptom. It appeared of where? I know that he was of the impact with the reality to know of the marriage of Seting and the relationship of the Joo with Siberia (the former ones of the member of the house of representatives), I remember? Then, he concludes that I would have to liberate mine inhibited looking one of the two to talk, would be so to speak a very serious step therefore met the two engaged ones and I could until me hurt more, then what my ego would have to make it to be rescued? I talked with God, I learned that It is it solution for everything, I delivered to the situation all for It.