November 25th, 2012

However, they are intelligent. How much to the symptoms, the adults with TDAH are distracted, have attention difficulty, are uneasy, do not relax, seem forgotten and negligent. However, the effect are brandos in adults of what in children, what allows to conclude that, exactly that does not have cure for this difficulty of learning, the people can create strategies to minimize the consequncias of the upheaval. You mark standes out that the professors must be intent not to confuse several of these characteristics with comprometimento lack, desmotivao, indiscipline and disinterest on the part of the pupils. It guides that many behaviors can be taught to these pupils and, through ampler repertoire, its limitations can be surpassed.

In a similar way, the motivation has influence in the capacity to deal with the attention and it can increase when the pupil participates of the planning of the activities and the decisions that will be taken. The author also indicates that he must be constructed to a partnership between family and school, thus the professor shares with the parents, the characteristics, limits and necessities of the pupil. 3. Conclusion: By means of the raised quarrels previously, we can understand that to pautar itself in a work inclusive the educator must be prepared to take care of the different possibilities of characteristics presented for the pupils, amongst them the verbal and not-verbal Difficulties of Learning. It was possible to perceive the importance that the stimulatons play for the good development of educating, since that these interventions are adjusted to the period of neurological maturation of the child.

At the same time where, having in mind that the different cerebral functions ripen in varied rhythms, it is essential to offer to the diverse pupils types of stimulation at different moments of the learning. Moreover, it is important to point out that the learning difficulties can have a cause more than. In this way, the professor must have clarity that he does not need to know everything and to decide everything alone, contrarily, does not have a specialty capable to assume with exclusiveness all the necessary responsibility in the diagnosis, shelter, interventions and cares to these pupils. He competes to all the professionals of the education and the health to mobilize efforts in the identification and the adequate treatments of the diverse upheavals of learning, being prevented that the carrying children of these difficulties suffer with low auto-they esteem and failure pertaining to school. Thus, it fits to the different specialists to look orientaes, to clarify the doubts, to receive information more specific, to know experiences in colloquies with the family, the search for the success. In the reality a prescription and, although all the anxiety on the part of the professor, generated many times for the unfamiliarity on subject and the absence of a specific formation, more good does not exist way to assume an inclusive work, of arms and heart does not exist opened, with love and respect, believing the child without fear and appreciating it beyond the eventual difficulties that it can present.


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