The Basket

April 16th, 2012

But Pastis is very different from other anise liqueurs. In order to earn the right to be called "Pastis" in a tincture to compulsorily attend liquorice extract (from liquorice root), and may be added to all sorts of herbs, spice and caramel. Pastis is particularly common in the south of France, it is sometimes even called "olive milk", due to curious effect – it becomes cloudy and white when it added a little water. Each manufacturer pastis stores in the strictest confidence and the proportion of the total incoming components, but the palate is dominated by any pastis anise and licorice. This drink is made across France, but the center of production is considered to Marseille. Pastis will undoubtedly interesting and unusual addition to any table. We just do not succumb to deceptively mild taste and remember that its strength of 40-50 rpm, otherwise you and your friends are at risk to end an evening under the table.

If you vacationing on the Riviera, then from there you can bring the original and a nice souvenir (for grandparents, parents, and just friends), and made their own. To do this buy: * wicker picnic basket (Inside it is lined with a linen cloth with embroidery and zavyazochkami) * Glass bottle for olive oil with a special dispenser (often hand-painted bottles are images of leaves, olives, etc.) * color bags filled with lavender * special bowl for olives. They are usually made from ceramics and are attached to bones in a pot and a vase or toothpick shpazhek * poppy syrup – it is a feature of Provence * packet with different seasoning for food of Provence * special jars for this seasoning * bottle of wine. All this should be wrapped in a yellow or red corrugated paper and put in the basket. Get an interesting and original a gift that will help convey the spirit of Provence. As you know, Paris is a trendsetter trendy scents and flavors. It is located in Paris, the world-renowned museum of perfume "Fragonard".

Sure, you will take great pleasure to walk with a tour of its rooms. You will be amazed how hard it actually cooking aromas. Any woman, no doubt, be glad this wonderful gift – a bottle of spirits with an indescribable scent of her dreams. But a huge selection of all kinds of perfumes, toilet waters and perfumes would choose the gift very difficult. You'll have to try very well to choose exactly what you need. Among other things, France renowned worldwide for its unique tapestries. History of the tapestry has about three hundred years. Today tapestry again become fashionable element of interior decoration. Its scope is very broad: paintings, panels, bedspreads, pillows, chair covers, tablecloths and so on. In the manufacture of tapestry only use natural materials: wool, cotton, rayon, silk. If you want to give your friends something like that, that can become a highlight in the interior of their home or even office, the tapestry – the right purchase. Tapestries are very broad stylistic direction – from the indescribably complex reproductions of old masterpieces, to modern mural, created from sketches of prominent designers. Believe me, the effect of such gift exceeds your expectations. This is not all that rich and famous in France. It is – only a small part of what can be found in this amazing and beautiful country. So please be money, enthusiasm and go for it!


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