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June 8th, 2021

There are three different ways, like children themselves with reading can deal: it will read to children children and parent/teacher read alternately children reading alone of course is pure reading at the beginning of the career for every reader! Hardly a child will develop interest in books that are not allowed to deal baby days. Works with images embedded in the text can be used in the transition to independent reading. On the next stage, children can read with alternating reading initially only single words. Their share of the lecture should be expanded gradually. (As toddlers learn already read.) Young readers that while slumping, not to quickly confront foreign texts, is a way to avoid frustration: read a favorite book together quietly more often, this is an excellent first reader exercise. When finally alone read the children, parents and teachers like to once again on the way to the last page may help them by you read aloud a chapter. Anyone who wants to promote effective reading, provides Text to each book a series of questions to find out if it is right: there is an age for the reading? It fits to the young listeners or readers? How long is the story? How long can the child listen to? What topics are the child especially interested in? Real interest stories and books that meet the child, its development and its interests. Gently conquer new land should be the motto adults often forget, that the life of a child every day full of exciting challenges is there, the reading must not stress. Who want to let children grow up to curious readers, should certainly pay attention to their day form. Sick children, for example, can be extremely happy to read above prefer because their illness of stories that they know inside and out, to ask them enough off for the moment.

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