The Director

June 15th, 2019

An error in common between two films are the fact of that they do not show contradictions and are always supported in the opinion of the two, Maradona and Pel, nobody contradicts myths, who contradicts is deceived: ' ' But it is of if frightening that Kusturica assumes all the vises of Diego, without never trying to present so obvious contradictions, and making a typical film for fs.' ' (NAGIME, 2009, web page) All in Argentina praise as much Maradona therefore the last image are of a common person whom cream promoted in the life and the soccer thanks to its ability, more also treinos and support of diverse people and teams. All know the defects of Maradona, as well as its attempts to correct its errors (that many times had finished not giving in nothing), for example. Case skin had defects (' ' meat and osso' ') as well as Maradona – cited above? its acceptance would possibly be bigger: ' ' Simpatizamos with who suffers and this means that pain that we see if becomes ours prpria.' ' (PUDOVKIM apud XAVIER, 1983, p.51) Treating on this vision that films pass in them, have the point of view of the director on the myth. Massaini looked for to abrager a great public, since Skin and its conquests are really of national historical importance: ' ' Thinking where the film could have the reading of the possible amplest public, I opted to a classic language. I left of side my impulses of cineasta, my bolder desires of style, so that the film could be, above all, a great panel on the life of Skin, accessible to all, of all the ages, in the world inteiro' ' (DAILY Northeast, 2004, notebook 3) However it is known that the references of the public, generally, differ from the ones of the director, and therefore what valley attention pra one, not valley for the other.


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