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October 31st, 2020

Yet to allow the user, to be able to perform at least basic configurations, personal firewalls take advantage, to be even installed on the computer: In contrast to network firewalls a personal firewall knows what program wants to connect to the Internet. Therefore, must the user do not have port addresses deal with but can provide directly, which programs to the Internet are allowed to communicate. However, some disadvantages facing this advantage, that has a firewall installed on your computer. For example, the firewall can be themselves victims of an attack from the Internet because a virus is able to manipulate the settings. Viruses on a computer same user rights do we have the users who unknowingly calls them. So a virus can change all of the settings that the user can modify. “A second attack on personal firewalls can be by means of a very simple script, that all popup windows of firewall so quickly with OK” acknowledged that users will no longer see these popups. Thus, any question whether a specific Internet connection is to be permitted, automatically Yes”answered, what makes the firewall effectively worthless.

As a third example of a possible attack strategy on a personal firewall, the exchange of programmes should be mentioned. In a program shared for network traffic is deleted and replaced by an appropriately renamed virus. Some firewalls recognize this simple trick, but not all. Conclusion: A personal firewall provides a potential attacker with additional problems and improved therefore the security of the computer. Their use is therefore strongly recommended. Compared to a professionally operated network firewall is much weaker protection and must not lead to a careless behavior.

The virus scanner a current virus scanner is absolutely essential. Today, it can be assumed that the calculator for each connection to the Internet is under attack. Operating systems are not free installed virus scanner is shipped.

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