The Professors

January 3rd, 2013

The dislexia frequently is folloied of upheaval in the learning of the writing, orthography, grammar and writing. The dislexia affects the boys in a bigger ratio of what the girls. (p.137) According to author of the citation above the dislexia and caused by an alteration in the area the responsible brain for the sounds of the language and in the system where he transforms the sounds into writing, that is, and a type of blockade that delays the process of reading and writing in the alfabetizao process. Had to a great necessity of knowledge of the problematic one of the dislexia in the courses of formation of the professors. He does not have none graduation course that enables professionals, however leaving unprepared to face these challenges that appear inside of the pertaining to school environment.

Without the knowledge I specify does not have as to have domain of the situation. The population is growing and pupils with learning riots also grow, therefore the professors must modernize themselves and if specialize to look for to know the meaning of this problem that affects a percentage of the world-wide population. The paper of the school and the professors is primordial for the identification of the symptoms of the treatment of the dislxico pupil. According to Senna, 2002: These cases are normal in the alfabetizao process and must be analyzed as party to suit of letramento in verbal societies with high levels of inaquality, as in Brazil. Behaviors of resistant daily pay-silabismo truncate being of words, or same of resistance the substitution of the free grafismo for the alphabetical one, in its majority, resulted of a process of deficient letramento. (p.73). The dislxicas children make confusion of similar letters or fonemas. Beyond discriminating bad sounds, it can also confuse the graphical signals. To criticize, to rethink and to modify practical the pedagogical one, To leave of the dislxicos pupils, them have led, always, to reflect on the daily one of the school as a whole and have generated advantageous changes for all the pupils.


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