The Truth

January 11th, 2017

Learning is especially troublesome when it rests on the opinion that the things are essential, not learning from things. Then is all attention to the portrayal of things and their reproduction and no attention to the access to things. Learning is only difficult if not overcome the hardships of teaching and passed on the learners. Learning becomes difficult only when between things (we want to learn) and a mediator failed us, we want to learn – with his personality, his understanding of things and especially with his use of the language and the next -. If but the learning can be difficult, then it must be also possible, to make it easy and enjoyable! One hears not the objection of the authorities that “apprenticeship not” herrenjahre “” be? That it “without welding no price” would be? That the youth “once obey must learn”? What a thought building! For such authorities is the discovery of not knowing something, a shame. In the culture of learning, it is reason and incentive to learn it. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is full of insight into the issues. Lies are never perfect falsehood; the essence of the lie is something true to change, that it appears as something else, and the truth is no longer apparent.

Here you can see not the work of modern media? It’s not their ‘law’, to represent the facts, that they fit in the line of the medium? Not the vernacular the saying that someone “is lying” on this basis coined? Should that be our culture? To hell with it! Culture is “that which is so dear to us and worth, sat we maintain it”. Culture of learning grows out of the human quest for truth. Who wanted to claim not to seek? Who could have something about it? Who could be afraid of the truth? Culture of learning is looking for ways to make each seeking the truth. Learning culture opens this way for anyone, who might be interested, to block such routes? It is obvious: who fought learning culture, has something to hide; He is afraid, and fear to be revealed. Learning culture of science is that “learn” is nothing less than “be smarter”.

He who look more closely, which turns the thing, rather than to claim that truth is what exists in his imagination is clever. Then, just a collection of data that one “learns”, rather than a history of taking a lesson and learn is for example history. Helmut W. Karl copyright 2009 Helmut W. Karl is Administrator of money on the Internet make

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