The Vestibular

December 8th, 2012

They are conjuncts of release, charity, cleanness spiritual, prays evangelho and doctrine those espritos that are needed encaminhamentos for the evolution. My brother also contributed very with that affection, that one force I came back, my mother me received as the prodigal son, ordered to make a special lunch. The return To start of new. Enrolled in the vestibular contest, I gave examination and I passed, I was in tenth room place, were fifty vacant and already they had three hundred more than and fifty enrolled ones, were a rescue of auto esteem, to show for same me that it was capable, alone I could understand this no matter how hard they wanted me to help, as I received aid from much people and if I same nothing wanted this I would not have happened. During these four years in the college, I studied very, was as one I remove, wrote a book, made friendships with people with golden the similar one to mine, I felt a deep anxiety and I arrived until the o vomit at I see a couple to it if kissing, literally, one more time I received much energy positive from people who really only wanted my progress clearly material spiritual and. By the way, it found me with a serious problem that was the sexual question, I I had only twenty and four years and it could not be looking at men and to feel fear to them, panic there? – asking to me making this questioning finding the solution, that was to look the cause of the symptom. It appeared of where? I know that he was of the impact with the reality to know of the marriage of Seting and the relationship of the Joo with Siberia (the former ones of the member of the house of representatives), I remember? Then, he concludes that I would have to liberate mine inhibited looking one of the two to talk, would be so to speak a very serious step therefore met the two engaged ones and I could until me hurt more, then what my ego would have to make it to be rescued? I talked with God, I learned that It is it solution for everything, I delivered to the situation all for It.


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