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September 24th, 2013

Ski resorts in Austria selected for a wide selection of resorts and skiing areas, high levels of hotels, ski service and infrastructure. In Austria, a lot of mountain resorts, where there is permanent snow all winter season. Austria called one of the most ski states in Europe. No other country has the ski industry, tourism and sport are so closely united with each other. Ski resorts in Austria allow you to immerse themselves in countless ski resorts, different in its location, architecture and infrastructure. The most interesting region is the Tyrol, which is the empire of the mountains and sun, its capital is located in the town of Innsbruck.

This site is located Arlberg region, which is connected to several popular resorts around the world, for example star Leh, which is used for recreation crowned persons, and a beautiful ride here you are guaranteed throughout the winter season. And various ski resorts in Austria can offer you to visit the famous St. Anton, which is comparable to Leh, a more democratic, but still quite expensive. It was there in 2001 had a world championship in downhill skiing. Immediately placed a few small resorts, which include Zurs, Art. Kristof and others do not enjoy less attention otztal valley, which are connected Gurgl, Solden, valves, and other resorts Hohzelden. Their resort area characterized by low conventional rates.

You can also call the ski resorts of Austria, who are in the Ziller Valley, 60 km. Of Innsbruck. Among them, Zell am Ziller and Mayrhofen. For any questions you can choose obraschatsya to our site and our managers will be happy to answer them.


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