Treat Anything New Even Your Ceiling!

October 31st, 2020

Treat anything new even your ceiling! Ceilings can influence the atmosphere of a room. However, they are often neglected in the redesign of a room. You shy away from the enormous amount of work and the inconvenience, if the room because of costly space work for days cannot be used. Some found out therefore with a ceiling, would be that he no longer likes or urgently refurbished. Such trade-offs are now no longer necessary.

The interior ceiling DESIGN company has an innovative and uncomplicated solution for any type of ceilings ready: the stretch ceiling. Without time – and dirt-intensive craft, the new ceiling of a flexible and durable material is attached just below the old ceiling. Ugly cracks and stains, yellowed wallpaper, unloved colors disappear behind the new ceiling outfit without interfering with the building. After a few years the taste may be changed, so a stretch ceiling can be easily replaced. You are almost endless Possibilities of stretch ceiling. White or colored, matt or shiny, transparent or marbled a variety of designs available. Whether you love it classic or modern, traditional or extravagant for any style of furnishing the right stretch ceiling can be found.

Finally no longer need to resign to a stale or unsightly ceiling. The new tension ceiling system to determine even the aesthetics of your environment. A stretch ceiling is mounted in a few hours. You need to clean your entire home, nor to be afraid dust or splashes of color on your precious furniture. The material consists the stretch ceiling is anti-static, sound absorbing, and impermeable to water. A stretch ceiling requires no cleaning, improves room acoustics and a reduction in the ceiling can help even in energy saving. Interior ceiling DESIGN is responsible for the distribution of promising ceiling design in Berlin and its surroundings, which is produced by the French company NEWMAT. Owner Kathleen Knetsch is convinced to have triggered a wave of innovation away from the boring unit ceiling and colorful and individual ceilings aesthetics with the new system. The ceiling system with ceiling the ceiling design with a future.

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