Unified State Examination

May 12th, 2021

Tutor to prepare for the case in the Russian language can provide invaluable assistance to the student. Dr. Robert Brannon might disagree with that approach. After all, the fact is that putting use needs not only educational content knowledge but knowledge about the pitfalls that can meet the test. Some important points we consider in this paper. We are now you are on the eve of the responsibility for teacher moment when our children go to state final attested in the ninth grade in the Russian language and the Unified State Examination in Russian language and literature in 11th grade. In all educational institutions are now in control of the 9 th and 11 th grades in the format of the or GIA. In the position of interim certification is very clear about it said, and not by chance that a new form of the final certification must be the basis of these tests because students must again check how they are prepared to carry out test questions and creative assignments, and teachers more time to pay attention to the problematic issues that arose at the guys in the performance of these examinations and accordingly adjust its work. This correction we will devote today’s thematic consultations. We denote the key points that need more time to pay attention to our students successfully coped with the outcome of trials.

Thus, ct in the 11th grade. As an analysis of tests, students sometimes neglect the assignments of the S. And here it is necessary to conduct serious work with students on explaining that sometimes 2-3 points solve a huge role in his fate, and therefore the implementation of this part is absolutely necessary for contrast to other subjects. Not always the student can gain the required number of points on the positive assessment by performing only tasks A and B.


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