Passive Smoking

February 21st, 2011

A significant number of the world's population regularly refers to the small doping. And what are the cigarettes. Smokers insist on some kind of beneficial effects of inhaled their smoke, they say – it soothes the nerves, gives quick and relatively easy to relax, some believe that it is aesthetically pleasing, but someone just hands to do nothing during the conversation with smoking colleagues. On the dangers of smoking probably know everything, and many are likely to heard of another term, directly associated with it – "passive smoking". True, most people still are not serious enough to what is in front of them smoke more.

We then think – so what, let the smoke of his health, I do not smoke, and I'll be fine. So it is so, but not quite. The fact that, according to a recent study that appeared in the journal Pediatrics (Pediatrics), passive smoking is much more serious damage to the human body than expected. Maximum impact from secondhand smoke account for the following two categories of people: colleagues at work, regularly found in smoke-filled room and nonsmokers by family members if one of the household smokes. Whereas in the latter case caused the damage could have significant consequences. The fact that, according to opinion polls, which have been subjected to more than 1400 families, only 24% of homes had been strictly established home rule – to smoke in the house prohibited.

But even in this case, at the end of the process of smoking on their clothes and hair, smoking remains of the particle, every day breathing in that household get their undeserved dose of secondhand smoke. In addition, researchers highlighted the fact that the presence of pregnant women or children in the immediate vicinity of a smoker increases the chance of deterioration in the health of mother and unborn babies, and, moreover, can highly undesirable impact on the subsequent development and ability to learn. Naturally, or not to smoke – it is a conscious choice that everyone makes for himself. Someone overly tense robot and it needs at least somehow relieves stress, someone at an early age could not say no, but it's late now, someone is just lonely, but for a cigarette can be a good chat. However, it's just excuses and you can find thousands, to reduce the degree of his guilt, and you try to find at least one reason to finally get out of this bluish captivity.


Living Water Important

February 13th, 2011

Perhaps there is no point in repeating that the most important part of our life, without which we would not exist – it is water. Only lazy people are not touched upon the water, because it is directly related to the quality of our lives and health. Everyone knows that water – the need for a vital component, and its purity should not cause any doubts. Today there is hardly a family that persisted from some unknown reasons no one, stubbornly continues to drink water from the tap, without subjecting her to further purification. This is our time are rare. Modern water filters are being improved, becoming more accessible and provide sufficient high chemical purity of water. But how much is acceptable and useful to a purified water? The purity and the absence of most contaminants is undoubtedly an important factor, but is it enough for our health, whether the body gets everything it needs in good quality? Were you satisfied with his composition of this water? By some pretty convincing data, the structure and the memory of water sometimes more important than its chemical composition. Body useful not just pure water, and water with a certain structure, called the water “living.” Only this water will bring undoubted benefit the body, the lost energy. The remaining water is dead, there is no necessary energy, information, it does not give an influx of new vitality, and often takes energy. The fight for clean water has brought not only benefits but also harm.


Chinese Chi Kung

February 12th, 2011

3.Net side effects. 4.Problemy eliminated naturally. 5.Ne used chemicals, often resulting in dependence. 6.Povyshaet awareness and understanding of his own body. Self-discovery is the key to preventing bolezney.V Qigong subject of study is the internal energy of the person, while Western science and more attention given to the study of energy outside the human body. This energy, called chi in China. This concept has been interpreted on the previous page sayta.U us you will learn how to touch, to recognize and feel the energy (Qi), rather than imagining invent. Mens weight training is not frequently seen there. We teach not what to do and how to do it.

Understanding the principles and having the skills to work with chi later, you will be able to properly perform any exercises Qigong, even in the book and make it more correctly, than there managed to opisat.Svoimi roots history of Chinese Chi Kung goes in antiquity. And despite the fact that the name has changed, the principle was one. It is not possible to know when they first began to engage the people most likely Long before its appearance. Joke? Yes, but not quite a joke. Now I will explain. Qigong has a huge number, hundreds of thousands of different and even quite similar to each other exercises. But recognizing the principles on which they based, it is becoming clear and simple. For example, consider one. You know that all animals involved in qigong, even the most simple, and yet it is so. All the animals stretch. And you wake up in the morning and slept, usually stretching and yawning sweet, huh? This is the qigong, almost qigong. The key word here is “sweet”, just to stretch, yawn, not holding back, and enjoy a very pleasant tingling vibrations throughout the body, and the wave passing up and down, and then sweet relaxation, this is Qigong.


Rid Drink

February 12th, 2011

I guess the usual articles and tips on how to recover from the effects of holidays are reading men, but the holidays – a comprehensive deal that also reluctant to think about how to recover. In fact, starting alcohol – it's too late. Clothes for tall women is not frequently seen there. Let's start with the hangover. Options, how to get rid of, are plenty. I'll tell you a recipe that helps me personally. Of course, the immediate effect will not, but make life easier. Organism, exhausted by alcohol, wants all again fell into place, and at least requires the fluid and minerals. Morning 'sushnyak' – this is no accident, because alcohol, whether beer is, vodka or tequila any, make your body to rapidly lose moisture. This, of course, a complete mismatch of your personal aspirations and needs of your body: you want to drink, and he wants to get rid of degrees. So the first step to make you feel better – it make liquid-salt balance. In general, the drink should be. But not plain water, and certainly not boiled. Because we have an imbalance here and so complete, and flush out the remaining salt water all the more not worth it. Must be able to drink! For me, the best version of the drink in the morning – black tea with sugar and lemon, in second place – the orange juice. Mineral water – also an option especially if it is a little salty. Well, no one has repealed the activated carbon: one tablet per 10 kg bodyweight.



February 11th, 2011

So, you have a good income. Your child (son or daughter) as a teenager and probably eats granite science at some prestigious university, always has a good pocket money, a lot of friends and fun, exciting life. Often at this age are just starting to appear entertainment such as nightclubs, discotheques and other parties, suggesting nocturnal. That’s just in this period should be taken to this “new life” your, in fact, still a child more closely. I will not say that without exception, visits to such institutions entail the use of drugs – stimulants. Young people are attracted to the clubs new opportunities for communication, sharing music, so-called “club culture”. One can say only one thing – no disco, no nightclub, especially narrowly focused theme of “rave” or “techno”, not pass without Participation in these drug parties. As a rule, as there are drugs here stimulants: amphetamines and ecstasy. The reason is simple.

Stimulants allow dance the night away, and even to think about fatigue and sleep. But it’s still more to do in ecstasy. This drug gives a more relaxed feeling, emancipation, of joy. “Amphetamine” is included in the life of a teenager in our day is like a daily drug that has high popularity among students – a few days of continuous work on course work, or busy session schedule for constant use of “amphetamine” in the end: another barrier to learning is taken. Must add that, in night clubs often use these two drugs together. It should be noted that stimulants cause a very rapid psychological addiction. Accordingly, it is desirable to identify the use, in as much as possible an earlier stage. Now consider how to determine that your child is using stimulants. For any stimulant use appear mood swings. If the club was fun, joy and love of neighbor spilled over the edge, then for all this will have to pay the next morning. Increased nervousness, sudden physical devastation and depression – all this retribution for drug use at night, or in common “Releases”. If the next day after a party your child is in a depressed mood, not willing to communicate, mostly lying in my room – it is logical to assume that before that he talked too much, rejoiced life and dancing. Conclusion – the more likely he used drugs.

A little more about the external manifestations of stimulant use. Firstly, it increases the size of eyeballs almost to the edge of the iris. Secondly – increased sweating. It is necessary to understand however, that none of the above symptoms, if it is expressed in the singular should not cause an uproar. Only if there is just a few symptoms at the same time – need to be beaten in bell. In the next article on this topic we will consider what steps should not be taken in determining drug use, as to try to change what is happening on their own and to take steps in the right direction to change the situation as a whole.