Mental Health

August 15th, 2012

They are distributing for lesser adolescents of 14 years and for couples married s officially, this is one confronts and a lack of respect with the couples that take an allegiance life. In other messages, when it said that it was representing the parents and the churches of Brazil and the world, was been deceptive. Losing my time. As vocs they are seeing, I am alone in this Campaign, and being thus, I am a seed. my only concern is not to find a substitute.

This Campaign cannot stop. They are saying that I need to look the CAPS, Mental Health of my city and to make a treatment of the head. They see where point arrived to justify the promiscuity. Instead of giving to me it acuou me to credit. A time somebody said: ' ' A acuado man is capable of any coisa' '.

Now we go to the proposal: Or the churches liberate the condom for greaters of 18 years, or leave silence. The Lay Country does not justify the omission of the churches. The churches of Brazil and the world are if thus holding: ' ' When not if it can with the enemy, postponed ele' '. The protestant church already united; the catholic is omitting. This my new message ahead does not discard my position of this situation. Since I am alone, I want to be in the first page of all the periodicals of necessary Brazil and to make an Uprising of ten minutes in chain of Radio and TV. I go to put in the You Tube, but it is not enough. If the Churches to opt to liberate condom for greaters of 18 years, will not be able to donate for couples married officially, therefore of the one endorsement to the adultery one. Who to want to oppose the Law of God, makes who it buying the condom.



August 9th, 2012

Jose Silveira de Oliveira – Theological/Philosopher was attending the periodical in the TV and heard the news that I was worried. The hospital of the Fundo cancelled 130 operations more than, due to have been interdicted due to maintenance in the building; this falling and has abandoned part, is sad but lamentably it is truth, this hospital already was model in attendance I publish to it, had a good emergency, many doctors ambulatorial with daily attendance, where the runners circulated thousand of people with fiche in the hands searching its room for attendance. It had resident doctor, course of advanced medicine, with room of surgery trainees to practise, was model, to all the young doctors the Brazil level, the majority came to perfect itself in this hospital of the fundo. Today with this news of cancellation it was that I gave account of the gravity of the fact, therefore step daily in front of this hospital and I see far of its destroyed architecture and abandoning, and remember the past not very distant approximately 10 years the movement of cars in the door of the hospital, people of all Rio De Janeiro came to consult themselves. I started to remember the politicians who had commanded the State in this Governing period Garotinho, was two years later it left to candidatar the president of the republic and was in its place the vice Benedita Da Silva, coitada very limited, did not make nothing for the health, if my memory serves me right the president was Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Later entered Squid as president, broken PT, and Rosinha Garotinho as governor of the River, nothing made, was part of the PMDB. Coalition different and with this, the federal government did not give support, and Rio De Janeiro was abandoned in the area of the health until arriving the point that arrived the hospital of the fundo, meanwhile the Petrobra’s that is in the same quarter fundo, if expanded, Prospered had more investment and created other units, has interest there, thing of politician, that I do not understand, for them everything and the people nothing.