Technology and Health

September 30th, 2012

In way to the surrounding agitated one of Call Center of a great private hospital of Porto Alegre, I perceived a great chance of business. As we know for statistical data, the longevity of the population is bigger to each day, I publish and it aged increases, together with the demand of assistenciais services in allowing to create new products in this market in potential. These customers when binding for the hospital, in its majority, need set appointments consultations and examinations of the most diverse specialties, as well as surgical procedures and hospital internments. He is sufficiently complex to carry through these agendamentos, and some velhinhos, for not making use of familiar they can make that it, need they themselves to carry through, finding many difficulties to make these actions, a time that its directions do not allow more them to make simple activities as these. Searching the solution of these problems and oportunizando improvements in the segment of the health, I suggest the creation of a destined service aged to manage all these necessities with regard to the cares in what it says respect to health. The service understands in a central office of management of medical agendas, the service of logistic of accessibility of its residence until the attendance center, also being possible to offer to services assistncias of nursing, geriatria, and hospital equipment of rent and sales.

All these actions will be centered in a web site, that the customer, duly registered in cadastre, can request on line to the act of contract of the service. The site will play the agenda management and will carry through a search in data base in the credential clinics, in accordance with the accord of health of the user, aiming at comfort and agility in the service. They can be added to the site, virtual store of products and hospital services, offering the geriatrical location of products, pharmacies, clinics, of disgnostic center for images and laboratories of clinical analyses, services of removal, all placed to the site as partners in the page. You must asking be me: as aged they will obtain to have access this service saw Internet, if they are so dependents? Then, I publish target to it of this business are its children, brothers, and responsible, a time that this if worries about the welfare of the aged one, but does not make use of time for this. However, it is a chance of business of low cost, however with high yield, a time that the prescription is fed by two sources: physical people and legal people, since the page also serves of space classified advertising executive and, centering all the services in one alone place. But she is not enough to have a good idea. All enterprising she needs a strategical planning of the actions, legal support, for the establishment of contracts, and one web to designer to make a page layout that allows easy access fast for one better agreement of the users to the services.


Health and Psychology

September 24th, 2012

According to existential autogerenciamento, what it can differentiate a sick person of a healthful one, without restricting to the feeding and the practical one of physical exercises, is the way as they deal with the tensions, are of personal, social or professional scope. While we will not have conscience of that our well-being occurs in the interval enters the ending of a tension and the start of another one, we will not know as to keep the steady health. To understand the question better, we go to know the meaning of a scientific word call resilience, that, for the existential autogerenciamento, clarifies the health concept. Resilience or resilncia is concept of Physics, that if it relates to the property of that some materials are endowed, to accumulate energy when demanded or it estresse submitted it, without occurring rupture. After the tension to cease, will be able or not to have a residual deformation, caused for the hysteresis of the material. For example, as what it happens with one rubber band, or better, with a pole of jump in height, that if lintel until certain limit without if breaking and later returns to the original form, wasting the accumulated energy and launching the athlete for the high one. Resilience for the Physics is, therefore, the capacity of a material to come back to its normal state, after having suffered tension. Psychology took loaned to such concept, defining resilience as the capacity of the individual to deal with problems, to surpass obstacles or to resist the pressure of adverse situations – shock, estresse, etc.

– without entering in psychological disequilibrium. In short, resilience, for Psychology, is the capacity of the person to come back to its normal state, after having suffered tension. The body, in the vision of the existential autogerenciamento, is not seen alone as dwelling of the soul, but also as party plaintiff in the process of the life.


Mental Health

September 17th, 2012

They work with the regimen of permanence day (PD), where the citizen can go a vezpor week, of second a friday, or in alternating days. Diversasatividades is developed, with the intention of assisting in the treatment dospacientes in occasions, where the conviviality with others can be engaged for umperodo of time. Activities are offered as: oficinasde therapeutic occupational, meetings with other users of service PD, feeding, bath, medication, amongst others. In the CERSAM it does not have internment, works-seem ambulatorial regimen, where the patient is if stabilizing, but still nopode to be directed to give continuity in its treatment in the health rank. The most important in this modality of service given substitute it is the type proportionate deatendimento to the patient, who objective the reduction of sofrimentoe, over all, the reinsero to the social conviviality, rescuing its citizenship etornando it an emancipated citizen.

Fernanda, to the questioned being respeitodas laws that conduct the work inside of the institution, it cited the code of ticados professional of the CERSAM and the laws of the SUS. Amongst the mentioned laws pelaentrevistada, is the laws that conduct the work in Mental Health, that they deal with daatuao the professional, how much to the destination of the resources received from the city, to destine the investments in the area of the health. In what it refers to the treatment oferecidopelos hospitals, Fernanda was demonstrated against, therefore, no matter how hard if it says emhumanizao of the psychiatric services, it has a regimen of exclusion to the patient, mainly in the subjective dimension. The system also exists of spends the night, paraos cases where the agitated patient being very, without conditions to sleep emcasa, can spend the night in the CERSAM. For the most important Fernanda it is to hear opaciente, leaves it to verbalizar on its suffering. ' ' The intervention form varies of case for caso' ' , it completed aentrevistada. An activity that called the visiting attention dogrupo had been the lessons given to the patients half-illiterates and aosanalfabetos. One servi


Drug Addictions

September 11th, 2012

SPECIALIZED CLINIC Treatment of Alcoholism and the Drug addictions and Mental Health in the Familiar Group *Responsvel Technician: Dr. Carlos Alberto *Responsvel Figueiredo General Technician/Program: Fabiana Da Silva *Equipe Technique: Dra. Fabiana Da Silva: 12/07239 psychologist CRP Dr. Samir Andrighetto: 07/14,536 psychologist CRP Dr. Carlos Alberto Figueiredo: 10001 Clinical doctor General CRM/Address: Street Juvenal Leather strap of the Motta – center, 226, room 03 City: New headquarters CEP: 98675-000 State: Rio Grande Do Sul/RS Telephones: 55 3526 – 1214/9991-6442 email: CNPJ: Justification: The Drug addictions and Alcoholism are disturbing of the emotional and psychic balance of the citizens and the social groups. Therefore the establishment of a bond by means of specialized team is necessary, to openly extend the ethical and moral values of the estigmatizados individuals in the social context.

To prevent the fallen again ones we need Public Politics directed to the Reduction of Damages, that encourage abstinence and prepares the families to after receive and to retake the care during and the treatment. General objective: To promote the specialized clinical attendance to the society, particularly, to the carriers of psychic suffering, aiming at to the mental health of the familiar groups, where the Psychoactive Substances are disturbing of the mental balance and the harmony of the homes. Specific objective: To treat, to promote and to reestablish the cultural identity of the carriers of mental and mannering upheavals had to the use of multiple drugs and of the comorbidades. To involve the patients and its familiar ones in defined Therapeutical Programs in the individualizados projects developed by the team to multidiscipline with the ethical, familiar and social rescue of the psychic, emotional health of the citizens, its values. Methodology: The program is based on the Theory Comportamentalista Cognitiva and follows specific techniques and strategies, developing and making possible to the patient one better knowledge of itself and its illness.



September 4th, 2012

Health Work of conclusion of course, presented to the course of Psychology of the University Center Jorge Loved as prerequisite partial for the attainment of the psychologist degree, under orientation of the Prof. Rosana Allatta Salvador/BA 2011 RESCUING TO KNOW: The culture OF the traditional obstetricain as strategy of promotion of the health. This study practical empiricist of the traditional obstetricians tried to come close itself to knowing, relating with the Politics of Humanizao of the Childbirth and with the Promotion of the Health. He knows yourself that this practical that crosses generations has been in the modernity, substituted for the scientific model of assistance to the health. The traditional obstetrician promotes one to know related to the health of the woman and the child in the period gestacional, childbirth and after-childbirth. The teachings are kept in the memory as form to lead ahead, being transmitted, of most experienced for new candidates who show interest for the craft and start to count on the confidence of the woman in labor and the support community. The study it deepened the following question: which the relation of knowing practical empiricist of the traditional obstetricians with the Politics of Humanizao of the Childbirth and with the Promotion of the Health? The theoretical part consists of consultations the research previously carried through. He objectified himself here to argue as the obstetrician if doctor sees front when knowing, as well as investigating which the epistemolgica base that supports this to know. The choice for a subject related to the Culture and the Promotion of the Health suggests to think the paper of the psychologist about this new field to know.