Earth Medicine

May 29th, 2013

Take prescription drugs has become the norm for many people today. It is as soon as they feel something wrong within their bodies that they go to the doctor and start popping pills containing countless chemicals. Many are realizing the benefits that can pay a little research and a trip to the health food store. Natural remedies offer an alternative to the doctor than most of us approach we have been dependent on our life. Natural remedies are available for almost any condition. Everything from headaches migraine, cold sores, athlete, burning stomach, and even lice can be cured by taking something that comes from the Earth.

We think that by eating a piece of ginger our nausea vanished, but Ginger is effective to solve an upset stomach. On the other hand, the majority of people chew Tablet chalk instead of eating something that is not only the attention of the medical issue, which they are suffering, but also, it is doing without any bad side effects. Ginger is a natural substance that we use in the kitchen therefore use it to cure our discomfort only seems natural. Natural remedies are not only the treatment of aches and pains. They are also responsible for the problems that many people suffer, but never seek a cure for the. Things like memory problems and a weak immune system. When a person feels that his memory slips the idea of telling your doctor or anywhere for that matter, it might seem daunting.

They do not, alternative medicine not only a signal of aging sees it as a medical problem. It can be treated and can be treated with a natural healing. The same can be said for the immune system. With ingestion of antibiotics of intermittently for years to treat common ailments, some people develop a tolerance to them, and his immune system has a weakness. Through the use of a natural supplement for help drive back to where it should be, a natural opportunity are giving your body to fight infection natural remedies are a safe and effective way to build a healthy human being. Without the added strain of obstruction to our bodies with chemicals in the form of prescriptions, we can live longer and healthier lives. It could be something as simple as a cup of herbal tea every day or take a vitamin before bedtime, but alternative medicine is a step in a positive direction, that direction as one free from chemicals, strong and healthy body.

Spanish Medical Foreign

May 23rd, 2013

Following the theme of the approval or recognition of titles of medical specialist in Spain, of which the proceedings has been issued a new decree this year, specifically in may, has been much discussed within the Guild, the relevance of this recognition, as well as the nature of the tests to which they are subjected foreign specialists.While there are individuals cuasidelincuentes faked papers, they exercised illegally, and that obviously give rise to doubt as to his actual training as doctors, many doctors are true specialists who for years have seen their recognition in Spain, both in a passive way, as active, hampered by how hard and unjust procedure that existed for approval.Particularly in Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe, the demand for general and specialized medical personnel, and therefore, the offer of employment has exceeded the capacity of the national Spanish to meet, which has been concluded in the recruitment of physicians foreigners to solve this problem. Ignoring the obvious differences in the wage conditions of each country, it is clear that foreign doctors have solved a major problem for several years.Recently decreed regulation improves the conditions for recognition of the specialty, giving doctors who already exercise certain prerogatives, that is the least that could receive then demonstrate during years that are specialists, and that their specialties they have exercised them competently.However, the Decree includes conditions difficult to understand, since there after obtaining a record hospital that is exercised that has a working relationship, and that specialty that opts to recognition is exercised for at least one year, to offer the possibility of being assigned to a knowledge test or a period of 3 months under supervision practices. In many cases specialists who opt to recognition have had under their charge to residents in training which have been offered teaching and supervision. Then a person instance disclaims to the institutional authorities and decide that this professional should be trained for 3 months.Moreover, in the majority of other countries postgraduate courses residents are subjected to written and oral evaluations, seminars, presentations, conferences, monitored and graded, master clinical cases and anatomoclinicas sessions, and receive formal classes, with final written and oral examinations every year the graduate. Instead, as he has pointed out someone, the only test that present residents of postgraduates in Spain in all its postgraduate course is the MIR (before entering the graduate), which implies a difference of formation and therefore demanding.Finally, I heard first hand from a resident, increased a diopter for each year that I studied in the race. Now I have 3 in each eye. I imagine that this happened because he was studying.

Medical Consultation

May 15th, 2013

One of the things that we are concerned about most all Guadalajara is undoubtedly our health topic that particularly in our State has put us alarmed particularly dengue and Influenza; but it has no word is what happened in the Valentin Gomez Farias of the ISSSTE hospital. Unfortunately on Friday, September 18, a lot of people were in emergency hoped any query or a doctor that he could take care of them, which never came, they began protests by patients without having some answers, forcing some people began to defect and seek other options. For those who can’t afford another option, because they had to wait and endure up to be served (reiterate attention never came) the problem also placed many of these people felt to have symptoms of dengue fever or other illness and well wanted to dismiss it either met in time. As the insensitivity by part of the hospital and some doctors of this dependence, it is possible that I can assure you if I had sucked the Witch’s tales, were already desperate looking for a consulting medical. If it is for indignant, the protocols and the bureaucracy along with the decline shown by some medical service institutions, already know that lack resources as soon as public health is concerned, so much so I already told us, do not open sufficient vaccines (flu) If your % 2, is not accepted is migrant situation through which passed these people still were 22: 00 hrs and did not have a medical helpwell surely society in general has gone through some sort of these things among others, I hope at least you can see the willingness of the members of the sector health and do not pass this types of situations that not so much just about a long wait or an indefinite time, but it’s people who have a condition and need any help, but if they consider that this was its role, because the next time do better not wait for sick people and take them with the nuns at least they have a little more of humanity and responsibility.

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Medication Alternatives

May 8th, 2013

The roots of the axe Yoga go back to Vedic and prevedico period. It is closely related to the Tantric tradition and is based on the theory that currents of prana flow with a particular modality in our body, and determine the estado in which we feel, we think or act. Currents of prana flow through determinados channels called nadis, forming plexus at different regions called padmas or chakras. All inappropriate operation of the body and mind are considered that it is due to the perturbacion in the passage of prana flows through one or more of these channels. Thus, mental disturbance have a physical basis in the body as a unit and all physical disorder has its basis in the mind.

The perturbaciones happen, then, as a result of an abnormality in the nadis. Hatha Yoga deals with this problem by opening the natural passage of these nadis so the current pranic flow is released and then direct them and adjust to produce a proper cambio in its operation. After obtaining the purification of the nadis, indicated how direct the pranic currents through private channels and fix prana at specific points, Hatha Yoga seems to be mainly connected with the establishment of a dynamic equilibrium and the facilitation of the passage of the current pranic. This equilibrium is established through a long process that builds the practice of purifying processes called kriyas sat. Muscle tone is balanced through positions with certain characteristics and the visceral direitmias are corrected through several pranayama and mudras. Becoming is more common in our society to resort to so-called alternative medicines, either in search of additional aid to traditional medicine or as substitutes of the latter, when we have not found a solution in the same. The first thing I would say is that I am in favour of making anyone do what considers appropriate with your health, which follow the treatments that create necessary or appropriate. If someone is cured meditating, congratulations.

I think the power of the brain is, on many occasions, more than medication. Having said that, I would like to concentrate on a specific point; the business of alternative medicines. If someone tells you that it will heal yourself by putting his hands on you, you think you and he heals you, Super. It is an agreement between two people in which you not prejudiced to a third, and that may work to the sick. The problem comes when the business advertises announcing that certain product cures a disease without scientific evidence that support it and, on many occasions, with evidence showing that that product or that therapy does not work. When I say that they do not work, I mean that the direct cause of healing is not the application of therapy or consumption of the particular product. It is possible for someone with an illness that medicine has not been able to cure until now, taking a homeopathic remedy and finish healing. But that does not demonstrate that healing is a direct consequence of the consumption of that natural remedies. That same rule of three, we could saying that praying is a remedy for certain diseases, because there are many cases of people who prayed to ask for healing and ended up making it safe. This mean that what cured them was a God who attended prayers? Well, it is possible, any hypothesis has some probability of being true, but positions to bet, I would say that not.

Hypertension During Pregnancy

May 1st, 2013

The only person to say whether women can medicate (or continue medication) and what are the most appropriate drugs in case of suffering from hypertension is the specialist who controls your pregnancy. In general, the guidelines to follow depend on the degree of hypertension that women suffer. If a woman has a slightly high blood pressure, are medical and is trying to get pregnant or see that it is already, physician usually suspends pharmacological treatment that is following, as there could be risk of drugs to increase the morbidity and mortality of the fetus. Where blood pressure is moderately high, in general you should continue taking drugs antihypertensives. However, some of the drugs that are safe for women can injure the fetus, so specialist will review the medication, because we have determined most appropriate drugs during pregnancy. Each month, it is necessary to perform a scan for kidney function and the growth of the fetus is controlled with ultrasounds. Pregnant women with severe hypertension require special care and rigorous control, even hospitalization during the second half of pregnancy. Pregnancy can greatly worsen hypertension and in mother cause swelling of the brain, cerebral hemorrhage, renal failure, heart failure and death.

For the fetus, there are also serious risks such as premature detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall (Placental Abruption: oxygen and nutrient supply received by the fetus is interrupted and this may die). Although the placenta does not fall off, hypertension can reduce the blood supply that receives the placenta and retard fetal growth. In any case, as we say, will be the specialist indicating treatment adecuadopara each case, weighing risks and benefits. Probably give certain physical and nutritional guidelines to avoid complications in mild cases. And always a good gestational control is necessary to prevent the risks posed suffering hypertension during pregnancy, and as far as possible bring healthy habits since before achieve pregnancy to not suffer the disease when it does not suffer from chronically.

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