August 30th, 2013

Overweight people may benefit from the glycemic index of various ways. The IG is a great concept in regards to nutrition of food. The index rates foods can affect the levels of glucose in blood in your body. The use of IG lel can help you prepare healthier meals and that can help you lose weight at a faster pace. According to research, the key to weight loss is eating foods with low glycemic index because the body can not convert these foods sugar faster than foods with a high GI value. Health experts believe that focusing on a diet that consists of foods with a low glycemic index is much better than a diet that restricts the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. In a study, demonstrated that those who follow a low GI Diet lose weight faster than those who follow a restrictive diet. A diet with IG low has many benefits.

Some of the notable advantages of this diet are: * the consumption of carbohydrates good. ** The gradual weight loss, but consistent. Allows le eating various foods without limitations. ** Low glycemic index foods also contain lots of fiber. * You have a great variety in terms of the fruits and vegetables that can be eaten, as almost all types of natural foods and foods with high amounts of essential vitamins and minerals. ** If you’re vegetarian, there are plenty of options for you if you decide to follow a diet with glycemic index low. To help you get started in the first place, it would be essential that you can learn of foods with low glycemic index so you can determine which foods should be included in your diet and the foods that you should avoid. Some of the foods that you can choose are legumes, cereals and oatmeal, bread of stone ground, low fat, beans, fresh fruits and vegetables dairy products. Eat to lose the program is becoming more popular for those who want to reduce weight, even with new diets that are being introduced in the fitness market in the today. If this is the first time you’ve heard of this diet, you might then want to do a little research on this program, since it can also help you determine the foods of low Glycemic and rate what you can include in your diet. Before starting this diet, also you should consult your physician to determine if it would actually be beneficial for you.

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The Body

August 23rd, 2013

Wait a minute not had said you your program promised you the body of the cover? What they are doing is to keep in this madness of fitness that I mentioned earlier. You keep doing the same thing (testing the next product or training and fad diet regime), promising you the same wonderful fat burning results. If it doesn’t work, I recommend the following grandiose method. Many people use the next product or miraculous promise while the fitness industry uses it for their benefit! Unfortunately this industry, in many ways, has become a cycle of exaggeration and sensationalism. It is true, there are some trainers and professionals with a good heart, but even some of them are being controlled by the owners of gyms, by the editors of magazines and supplements companies. That’s where the money is! Even if they are trying to help you, become unintended victims of the machinery. They advertise their products, programs and diets using genetically the most select among the blessed.

Hey, if it worked in that type or that girl that has an impressive physicist, will work in me. I fell into the trap too many times, until I started to investigate and experiment as I said before. Then, one fine day I finally woke up and discovered the secrets that few know for myself. Secrets that will never dominate the general recommendations of the fitness industry because they are not popular among the people controlling it. Why? Because these principles will not sell huge amounts of equipment or ridiculous devices for exercise, or magic potions.

My fat burning students are instructed in the proper application of intense and progressive resistance training on the intake of a diet full of nutrient-rich foods, in drinking plenty of water, and in the procurement of large amounts of sleep quality and rest. However, our subconscious mind is powerful, one has to be careful because even now I can feel attracted by the fascinating ads that pass through the night on television, while I am well informed. Therefore, you have to be on guard. If people give him more attention to proven principles as those who teach it to my students and spend less time with the last Rompe-traseros or debugger of grease on the market, all We would be healthier, thinner, stronger and happier. Likewise, we would be also burning a lot more fat in the process.


August 15th, 2013

Doing exercises it is not necessary to dieting. If you are using a good physical conditioning system, you don’t have to limit yourself to a diet and go hungry, you can eat all those delicious foods and so do you like. Because if you opt for a good fitness that will allow you to burn fat even when you are asleep, as indicated in your home gym. You will have your life guaranteed, free from grease, an enviable health, always youthful appearance. Any strict diet have an effect immediate rebound, as well as the miraculous products (tablets, creams, infusions, preparations, etc.) to lose weight. They are so misleading and perjudiales for your body, as diets. There no method is no miracles for weight loss. Only adequate food and it practice systematic, conun physical conditioning system actually manages to meet your expectation is the best solution.

Exercise is natural and the muscles must train to stay healthy and strong. A muscle that is not exercised dies or atrophy. The best way to stay healthy and fat-free It is adding new muscle fibers to your body. Having more muscle mass, will allow you that they burn fat, will be your true incinerators and fat burners. Each kilo of muscle consumes between 800 to 1000 calories a day.

Miraculous products volume, slimming tees reducing creams, Apple Cider vinegar capsules, substances fat burners as well as diets, on the market there are lots of miracle products to lose weight that, in most cases, all they serve is to lighten the pocket of the consumer. Some of these products you green, you red, you white, you Chinese, preparations, creams, which are sold in health food shops, centres of aesthetic and even pharmacies. It is not that they are dangerous to health but that, by themselves, not slim. If you take it must be preferably with medical supervision and taking very clear that they are only an aid or reinforcement. Any other product of suspicious origin must be rejected. To lose weight or burn fat, a low calorie diet is paramount and supervised by a physician. But in reality the real way to lose weight or burn fat is through a good system of exercises, done correctly, you won’t need restrigirte in the power supply, especially if you take it as a way of life.

Ear Health

August 9th, 2013

These hormones are responsible for organic reactions throughout the body economy. (2) State of resistance: when an individual is subjected in prolonged threat of harmful physical agents, chemical, biological or social organism while continuing its adaptation to these demands in a progressive manner, can occur that they diminish their response capabilities due to fatigue that occurs in the glands of the stress. During this phase usually occurs a dynamic equilibrium or homeostasis between the internal and external environment of the individual. Thus, if the organism has the ability to withstand long, there is no problem, otherwise it will certainly advance to the next phase. (3) Phase of exhaustion: the progressive decrease of the body against a situation of prolonged stress leads to a State of great deterioration with major loss of physiological capacities and thus ensues the phase exhaustion in which the subject often succumb to the demands because it minimized their capacities for adaptation and interrelation with the environment.

He is added, that our estresoras experiences come from three basic sources: our environment, our bodies and our thoughts. The environment refers to the environmental conditions, such as for example noise, crowds, demands adaptation, etc. The physiological refers to our body: disease, accidents, disorders, etc. External threats produced a few stressful changes in our body. Thus our way of reacting to problems, demands and dangers, is determined by an inborn fight or flight, fitness when the stimuli that come to us are interpreted as threatening. This process translates into a series of observable physical changes. Thus, for example, pupils are enlarged to improve vision and sharpens the ear, the muscles tighten to respond to the challenge, blood is pumped to the brain to increase the arrival of oxygen to the cells and promote mental processes. Cardiac and respiratory frequencies increase, and as blood is diverted towards the head and trunk, limbs and especially hands and feet, preferably perceived cold and sweaty.

Vibration Platforms

August 3rd, 2013

As a person who makes exercise one should always aim to incorporate the most effective training methods possible within your comprehensive exercise program. This means using equipment and traditional techniques as well as alternative proven that work, not fads that only slim us wallet. Well, these alternative methods (which already has more than fifty years among us) include vobratorias platforms.Vibration training stands to increase the frequency at which the muscles contract. On the platform, your muscles will contract between 30 and 50 times per second, which in turn increases the intenisdad of the training. Studies have shown that the conventional exercise uses approximately 40% of the used muscles, while training in vibration platforms involve approximately 97% by involuntary muscle contractions.There are a wide variety of exercises you can do on the vibrating platform, both for your top train as for your lower train. Exercises or simple positions like the iron, then squats, if done on a platform can be very intense and efficient.The training platform is proven that can be an important tool to increase strength, flexibility and balance. But other benefits which also owns are the optimization in the recovery from injuries, improving bone density and their mechanical ability, will give you greater flexibility, strength and release of hormones, improve your motor skills, will reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve blood circulation. With so many benefits one sometimes seems that it is selling a miracle.

But the real question is until that point is as good a platform and if it can replace the traditional training. Some argue that ten minutes (what would be a typical workout on a platform) is equivalent to 40 minutes of conventional training. Certainly these platforms are so wonderful and efficient, but to enhance and experience the magnificent results that promise, vibration training should be used as one complement to rather than a replacement.That is why it is necessary to use several forms of training and always trying to improve our programs. Then, if your weights every other day session and your session of cardio every other day you add 10 minutes of exercise on a vibrating platform, I think that you can get the best of both worlds, but translated into results in your body.