Elite Fixtures

March 31st, 2017

Man just need a light. During the day we give him the sun, and at dusk and at night – artificial light – or rather, lighting fixtures. Lamps provided on the market today can be divided into three categories according to their price: cheap, mid-priced and high-end fixtures. If the first two categories of lamps are available in nearly all, the last of them – only for the elite. Closer look at the elite fixtures. Elite Lighting – lighting quality handmade from natural materials, designed with special care, and often in a single item. For their manufacturing precious metals, Murano glass, crystal, bronze, chrome-plated steel and other expensive and rare materials – that distinguishes elite lighting fixtures from other classes. Of the variety of lighting fixtures, namely elite fixtures not created only for lighting but also to decorate, illuminate the room of his luxury. And for many years led the elite play a key role in the design of various facilities. Back in the XVIII-XIX century halls of castles and palaces decorated multistoried crystal chandeliers, lamps in Murano glass and precious metals, which corresponded to the status and luxurious interior palaces. This was done in order to emphasize personality, unique style and refined taste of the owner. Nowadays, elite fixtures can be seen in the halls of restaurants, museums, theaters, hotels and other public institutions. We have a number of elite fixtures advantages over the lights of other classes: 1.Elitnye lamps will serve you longer, so long will illumine its luxury accommodation, where they are located. 2.Hot elite fixtures and expensive, but with their can be used to decorate and transform any situation and give it a charm, nobleness and uniqueness. 3.Elitnye lamps are relevant at all times. This is an essential element of style. 4.Bolshinstvo elite fixtures produced by masters in a single item. Therefore, the exclusivity provided to you. 5.Elitnye lamps come in different sizes, and thus suitable not only in the lobbies and halls, but also in the apartment both with high ceilings (over 3m) and with low (up to 3m). 6.Bolshinstvo modern lamps have a very ordinary kind and created to fulfill the task of lighting. They are more practical. But if you look at the elite fixtures, you will understand how exquisite decoration can become light. And now for the cons of the elite fixtures. The main disadvantage here – the high price. But it's worth it. Elite fixtures are hand-made and will last a long time, and natural materials in their composition does not lose its original appearance. Another significant minus – if corrupt any part of such a lamp, then replacing it with some difficulties, it is likely that it will be necessary ordered its manufacturer from the manufacturer through the company proxy. And the final disadvantage is that many elite fixtures of glass and crystal require very careful handling. Buy lighting elite class can in building supermarkets, specialty stores fixtures, lighting shops, as well as ordered directly from the manufacturer. Sure, beauty, elegance and impeccable style elite fixtures cover all of their disadvantages. Elite fixtures will always be in the limelight, they will never leave you indifferent. Get yourself a delicious miracle, you feel like it's made especially for you. Be special! Discover luxury fixtures!


Hippocrates Medicine

March 11th, 2017

Therefore, the term also describes the personality and costuma to assign to capacities human beings, or same, used to assign capacities of supernatural beings, as in the expression ' ' The mind of Deus' '. To understand the mind human being, it has that to abide itself in the brain it is the responsible agency for the mental facultieses in its immense vastidude inside of the medical area has that to understand at least in three great areas if congregates and if they concentrate more Neurology, Psychiatry and Endocrinology. Therefore behind each mental action, it is the brain, that participates chemical reactions and of eletrecidade. But nor always it was thus and until today this question it generates controversa in scientific literature. The relation is not recent that the human spirit is in the brain, but never was so well understood as Ramon M says. while still alive Conceives Skulls with done perforations, with cicatrizao signals, had been found in small farms that date of up to 10.000 years behind citing the Sabatina, R.M.E.: The History of the Psicocirurgia.

What it does not need without understanding with depth that the brain that exists a relation a trauma in the head it can take the loss of memory. The father of the Medicine was Hipcrates (460-379 AC) believed that the brain was the headquarters of the mind. It wrote: ' ' He would have to be known that it is the source of our pleasure, joy, laugh and diversion, as well as our regret, pain, anxiety and tears, and none another one that not it brain. It is specifically the agency that qualifies in them to think, to see and to hear, to distinguish the ugly one from the beauty, the bad one of the good one, the pleasure of the displeasure. It is the brain also that it is the headquarters of madness and the delirium, of the fears and scares that take in them, many times at night, but ace day times also; it is where the cause of the sleeplessness and the sonambulismo lies, of the thoughts that will not occur, forgotten duties and excentricidades' '.


Zimmerman Group

March 4th, 2017

The carried through research was of qualitative matrix, interviewing 10 (ten) participant ones and becoming fullfilled itself later analysis of the data. The interpretation of the data demonstrated that great part of the participant ones searchs the group for not having individually had success when carrying through other types of done diets or for health reason. The biggest difficulties pointed for the same ones had been the fulfilment of the cardpio contend a more healthful and balanced feeding in the ends of week, occasions special and parties; the restriction the calricos foods; the lack of understanding of the familiar ones; the drastic changes of the alimentary habits and the slow results. The participants had attributed to its increase of weight the comodismo, the lack of care with its proper health and the anxiety. THERAPEUTICAL GROUP the therapeutical group has as objective the search of self-knowledge of its participants and the promotion in the change of the personality of the same ones.

The group therapy desires to provide to feelings of comfort and shelter, through an environment of support and respect. The exchange of experiences contributes so that each participant observes its proper feelings behaviors, hearing and being heard in an interaction space, of this form making possible that it rethink on proper aspects of itself, that they bring suffering and they compromise its quality of life. Through techniques that go to the meeting of the subject for which the group if considered ' ' trabalhar' '. As Zimmerman (1998. p.225), ' ' the therapeutical groups have as objective main the improvement of some pathology of the individuals, either in the aspect of the organic or psychic health, or in ambas' '. The format of a group makes possible inclusion feelings, to belong, to be valued by the other participants, oportunizando that each one obtains to perceive, to confirm and to make solid its proper identity.