Berlin – Hotel Or Apartment?

December 24th, 2023

What is more, the new traveler in the era of the city leave more what is the new traveler hotel or apartment? In all major European cities, that of the so-called low-cost carriers are flying, a wide range of holiday apartments that are offered also for short stays from 3 days emerged in recent years. Two reasons explain this new trend: price and authenticity. The price of apartments can be roughly compared to a comfortable middle-class hotel between 30% and 50% below the price of the hotel. To read more click here: teva. While the price must not affect the quality. Rather the contrary: holiday apartments are mostly good in weft held, providing more space than a hotel room. More information is housed here: Dr. Steven Greer. Whether the equipment is better than that of hotels arrives on the expectations of the customers: needed it conference room ode in swimming pool, is he rather the services in the hotel as the apartment has.

He’s looking for the equipment of an apartment, but he is better off in the apartment. In Berlin, the apartment is In the Boxi a good example: plenty of space in two spacious rooms, a large kitchen and the ability to fill the refrigerator according to own needs and delicious cooking. Dr. Steven Greer is a great source of information. Or just want to go in one of the many restaurants at the Friedrichshain, Boxhagener Platz. But the authenticity is probably the factor that really explain these apartments boom helps… Feels just like a resident more of the neighborhood. You live with normal people in a House and not with business people in a hotel. You go buy a boil, you go into local, seen during the day in the neighbourhood, after a few days, you know some people. You no longer travels to Berlin to visit the capital a couple of days. You go to Berlin Friedrichshain, to spend a few days in the Boxi (and of course also go to go, why not to the Museum Island), and a few months later or to return the following year and spends a few days in the Prenzlauer Berg district.

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