Better Emotions

January 31st, 2021

Conversely, if you're angry, upset or be depressed – all of these emotions are created by one person – YOU! However you choose on what to focus than 'value', as you traktuesh events in their lives. How do you feel in every moment, depending on what you mean to certain events in my life. In other words – give you an example – A man opened the door for a woman that she feels at this moment? It all depends on what 'label' it will select for this event. Someone will feel respected, and someone will feel neglect or she may think that he thanked her, or love:) or care. Look what we feel is not based on our experience, but it depends on our interpretation of our experience.

How do we reproduce these events in their in the head. As for the doors can be different thoughts in my head. We must be cautious in accepting what events mean to us, because the emotions engendered in us can strengthen and weaken us. NO negative or bad emotions, they are all good, because if they are interpreted correctly, they can help change our lives for the better. So what is for us the emotions in the first place? What is their significance? Especially, why do we need emotions that cause pain? You perhaps you could say that you do not want chuvstovat negative emotions, and you want to, for example, feel the emotion of delight. I certainly agree with you.

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