Children Sweets

October 30th, 2011

This article appeared after my next visit to the birth of my son's nursery school (tenth in a row this year!). Every time I shocked and abundance of sweets, sweets, snacks ('Bamba' chips, 'and Beasley'…) beverages that children consume during the celebration of birthdays. And every time I find myself on that count the amount of sugar, salt, fat and various artificial additives, which eats a small child during one to two hours! If this were a one-time event – it is possible to understand and keep quiet! However, I perfectly understand that the majority of children continue to consume the same candy, gum, snacks and drinks at home and throughout weeks. What is so wrong in so tasty for all of us sweets? Have you ever tried once to read most of these components of sweets or snacks? If not – try it, it's very funny. You will find there are many things to first glance, does not correlate with the power of man – thickeners, stabilizers, antifoaming agent, emulsifying agents, regulators, Glazing agents. And I'm not talking about colors and flavors, flavor enhancers, which have become commonplace in the industrialized processed foods. However, the problem is that the human body was not created for the processing of these materials are alien to it, and so they accumulate in the body leads to deviations in the various body systems and diseases (from allergies to Alzheimer's disease). The consequences of even more serious when it comes to the child, since it receives a large portion of these substances, with respect to its low weight.

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