November 22nd, 2013

Do you remember how he healed me kiss that gave me a long time ago in the Park and who told you in one of the postcards that you just read? Do as I will give a very large one to you and you one to me, you look like? The three will be by your side and we will give many, but many kisses, so either you have to fear, told him Pete. Joey felt more relieved. It was really very afraid. He had gone through many treatments in the lately, and many of them had been quite painful Alex hugged his son, at the time that was telling: from now on, everything will change, my love, will first have to go to that place where the doctors have masks on the face, then it will be a time where you may not feel quite right, but never forget that the threeWe are permanently at your side. Finally, when you’re recovered and everything has passed, you’ll go to College and you can tell your friends about me and you will feel very well. Do you know pray joey? Joey nodded. His mother had taught him, since childhood, to do so. As we pray together then.

Everything had gone very well. He had spent almost a month of operation and Joey did not show signs of rejection. He was quite animated and already not looked so pale. Alex, considered that it was time to return to Spain. Everything would be different from now on, since somehow it would always be beside his son. That made him feel happy and satisfied by what He had done. I had the feeling of having paid off part of the debt that had with his son. Now I had to go to say goodbye, but how different would this farewell! Never again would already be incommunicado.

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