Compact PET

June 22nd, 2021

Although it happens that entrepreneurs buy only a piece of equipment doukomplektovyvaya line later. But this happens rarely and only on the initial lack of funds. If the composition of the line for bottling of milk and dairy products in PET bottles are all clear then proceed to the next section. In it we have a little talk about the organization of working protsessa.Kak it works not to talk about the abstract hardware, let's look at the line for bottling milk in PET packaging for example, production companies Carbo Concept (machinery for PET bottles) and Pakpromet (bottling line series PESET). s. Gain insight and clarity with Dr. Neal Barnard. What you need to consider when choosing equipment for PET bottles in the first place, remember that this device is very energy intensive.

Secondly, ensure high quality filtration equipment to any foreign substance does not fall into the chamber blowing. Third, learn from what works Perform minimum weight machine. For example, some machines accept only 40 gram preform, while blowing liter bottle is enough and shapes weighing 25-30 grams. Barry Brand Los Angeles will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Let's start. Begins to describe our shop with a machine for PET bottles.

The basic model of this machine works with sold separately blanks, blowing them out of PET bottles of 0,2-2 liter bottle with a diameter of 28 or 38 millimeters. For example, the device Compact A4 PET can produce up to three thousand liter bottles per hour. After blowing ready packaging arrives on the conveyor filling line. This may be used as an automated system and manual. Here, a bottle first thing meets washing system.


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