Company Johnson Health Tech

January 19th, 2021

The company Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. About Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd began operations in 1975. At the moment the company is one of the first in Asia and among the five largest in the world. Johnson Corporation is composed of seven companies in the U.S., UK, France, Germany and China (China and Taiwan). Equipment of this manufacturer brands Matrix, Johnson, Vision, and Horizon is sold in 60 countries and is intended for both commercial and home use. Quality and reliability simulators Johnson Quality and originality – the main keys to success in this area. Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. received ISO 9001 in 1996, ISO 14001 in 2002, the products fully comply with FDA standards in the U.S., as well as GS in Japan.

Mark Johnson does not need too much advertising. For many years it name synonymous with reliability and quality. Trainers are distributed under the name Johnson on the U.S. market and are very popular because of excellent value for money. The range of Johnson includes: treadmills, Elliptical Trainers (orbitreki) and rowing machines, steppers, and, of course, ergometers (stationary bikes), both vertical and horizontal. Trainers Matrix Fitness Trainers Matrix Fitness – elite line of professional strength and cardiovascular equipment for the best sports clubs. Advanced technology and design from the U.S..

Matrix Fitness Trainers meet the high standards of quality and always meet the expectations of the client. Attending more than 26 years on the market, Johnson Health Tech Co., Ltd. – is the fifth largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world, and is approved by ISO 9001 and 9002. In the simulator Matrix Fitness uses a number of innovations that provide greater comfort. Matrix Fitness – Elliptical Trainer is (obitreki), cross-country track, rowing machines, steppers, ergometers (stationary bikes), vertical and horizontal. Trainers Horizon Fitness Trainers Horizon Fitness – Cardio luxury home. This brand also owned by Johnson Heavy Industries, however, intended for distribution to the European market. The Europeans, unlike Americans, pay more attention to training at home, presenting with increased demands for compactness and design of simulators. Trainers Horizon Fitness perfectly meet these requirements and gaining a growing number of consumers in European countries. Lineup includes: treadmills, elliptical and rowing machines, steppers, ergometers and exercise bikes vertical and horizontal. A variety of models (series Carbon and Silver) allows optimal selection of training equipment. Trainers Vision Fitness Trainers Vision Fitness – Cardio for lungs clubs. Vision Fitness Trainers are practical for home exercise equipment, but can also be used in small and gyms. U.S. market for 11 years recognized award 'Best Buy', ie best offer on the market in terms of price and quality.


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