Diseases and Strokes

April 30th, 2018

The problems are millions of people annually die prematurely from diseases and strokes that reduce their life expectancy. a Based on the Bible, the most wonderful book of all time, let me share with you some principles that will allow you to order in his inner world and find true peace, one that badly needs to successfully confront the challenges facing each day. a 1 .- A good relationship with God to the spiritual balance is essential to advance the process of securing a rearrangement of the inner world. In this vein an essential step that should give anyone is to have a good relationship with God.

one of the patriarchs of old put it in simple terms that have deep meaning: a now back in friendship with him, and be at peace, and therefore will do you good. a (Job 22:21) a Even though repented of his years of evil, Juvencio Mosquera lived for years hidden in a remote village in Bolivia after a life of wickedness in the families left orphaned and impregnated traces of sadness and pain. a only came to have peace, the day he acknowledged that this eager search of refuge, which was not quiet because even in the most remote place that someone or something was chasing him, the day I asked God for forgiveness. a Then quiet your conscience, came a second step that allowed him to secure the peace of mind: through a friend of their country of origin, took on the task of getting the addresses of the families that had grown so much anguish crime and theft..


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