Do Not Get Caught By The Pseudo Diets

February 12th, 2021

Tips to recognize weight loss plans which must flee. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Stuart M. McGill is currently assessing future choices. We are continuously bombarded by a host of proposals to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Most suggestive of all is precisely the ease and speed with which we ensure that you will lose those five, ten or twenty kilos. These practices, far from being reliable, they are dangerous methods that will make you lose a lot of money and a few kilos. That is why we have called seudodietas ie fake slimming treatments able to reduce their self-esteem and increase their frustration. Today we intend to analyze some of the things to take into account when choosing a weight control program for not becoming a victim of the seudodietas.

Some of the warning signs that tell you that you are facing this threat are: – Soon, many kilos. The seudodietas promise great weight loss in a short time: 5 kilos in a week, 10 kilos in a month. These changes are mainly due to exaggerated loss water and muscle mass, not fat reduction. – Goals unattainable. Generally the success of these treatments is defined in terms of a single goal: to lose weight … and resort to any strategy to achieve it. In the real diets should be realistic goals and short-term, focusing on those lifestyle changes that will enable sustained weight loss. – Diets in series.

Your eating plan should be like some invitations, personal and not transferable, and which is designed according to your own habits and needs. Do not accept a standardized menu of 1500 or 1200 calories. A real plan involves interviews, analysis, observation and periodic revisions. – Very low calorie. If achieving your goal you should eat two yogurts and a salad a day, certainly is not meeting their nutrient requirements. In addition it will be impossible to follow this regime more than a couple of weeks and not to recover the lost kilos (and some more) then quit. – Food prohibited. These pseudodietas tend to prohibit certain foods or entire groups of them (cereals, meat, fruits) without any foundation. A proper diet should be balanced and allow you to enjoy a wide variety of foods in certain proportion and frequency. Consider these warnings the next time you decide to start a new treatment for weight loss. Remember that an effective diet plan should be designed by a nutrition professional and helpful, not only lose weight but also to maintain a healthy weight forever.


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