November 12th, 2012

Other times we pause by laziness, lack of faith, surrounded lack of energy or in a negative energy. In we developed techniques to harness the action of the floral energies, those remedies of the soul. Many people resorting to the Seth of Bach decide to take Gentian to fight the failure experience, to avoid the sadness, and to forget the hopelessness. To resort to Gentian is right but to aspire to be generated an amnesia with regard to which it has felt is to aspire to a loss. My recommendation is: It does not aspire to the forgetfulness. It never rejects what is his or what was directed to you.

It is worth the pain to have it and to retain it. Nonsubject to the emotions that can bring. The emotions are made to feel said them Bach, are the thermostat of their life, the compass will guide that it well. Their spiritual advisors, their inner guides speak to him clearly to you by means of emotions, sensations, feelings, symptoms. He is worth the pain to learn his language. He does when it he will not take in noticing that to silence them never it is an intelligent measurement.

The face of the failure can to be its solitude of today, a closed banking account, to sleep all the morning because the work is had lost, the disappointment in case she were victim of a swindle. This is the face that is to reject itself and must know that it is a temp face that can recompose as the semblante fallen with a good diet or the rest recomposes. This thought will abrir the doors to him to the idea of future success. It aspires to surpass itself, aspires to discover the gold nuggets that will appear with the study of their failure. An objective and responsible study that does not have much to do with remembering of an car-indulgent way.


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