Engineering Products

May 11th, 2021

Engineering Products Co.,Ltd Union obtained by forging, are of higher quality metal, although they may inherit the defects of cast billets and ingots used in this case. Serious shortcomings of this technology – the high cost of harvesting due to using a large number of intermediate operations (forging ingots to billets, cutting them into shapes, flash pieces, distribution), low coefficient of metal use and the need for costly forging and rolling equipment. Thus, the hot deformation in the manufacture of flange pieces – it’s a forced decision, resorted to because of poor quality casting. A promising trend in the solution this problem is to replace the forged blanks of high quality castings with minimal allowances for machining. As these details have central through-holes, to make them useful use the new advanced technology – centrifugal electroslag casting (TSESHL), which because of its technological features devoid of many of these shortcomings.

The essence of technology is electrostatic remelting electrode in a melting tank, ensuring the accumulation of molten metal and slag in the right quantities, and its subsequent filling in the form of spinning. As remelted metal can apply consumable electrodes of any shape and cross section. This technology was used for the manufacture of flange pieces critical applications. Remelting the consumable electrode was carried out under the flux representing a mixture of calcium fluoride, fused, magnesium and silica. This provides a flux of molten metal refining and smelting capacity of sulfur and phosphorus, protection from environmental environment, and has considerable fluidity at high cooling rate.


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