Expert Tips To The Car Insurance Exchange

October 18th, 2016

Expert Tip for you: car insurance still move Cologne, 25.11.09 – the deadline for the termination of the insurance within reach. But spontaneous customers can submit their resignation until November 30 and change the insurance company to the beginning of the year. Although usually not lack of good alternatives, consumers often shy away from an Exchange. “This not least due to the almost proverbial confusing of the insurance,” explains Jorg Stroisch, editor in Chief of money$ This can be usually avoid surprises with a little preparation. What car insurance is the right one? Not the same rules apply to all consumers.

“Who owns an ancient car, needs no full or partial cover insurance more” advises stroisch on. “For the drive letter can be but all the more meaningful.” This is not in general but the existentially necessary safeguards. Here the “cheap variants”, often just differ as an attachment to the Insurance included, from “Comfort solutions” offered by automobile clubs and insurance companies alike. New and expensive cars, usually also a motor vehicle comprehensive insurance is advisable, “who can finance his car is past da eh not served”, so stroisch on. Comprehensive – or partial cover insurance? It’s very strong performance, a comparison is important here. Thorsten Rudnik in conversation with money$ eligkeiten more to the issues car insurance in the second part of the money$ eligkeiten-interviews with Thorsten Rudnik.

The insurance expert from the Federation of the insured explains why it is not worth to squint at the car insurance only on the premium. Also: Cases in which most complaints by insured there. Read the second part of the interview: Thorsten Rudnik on the change of car insurance. Through the journalist’s Office stroisch on that is journalist Office stroisch on specializing in the areas of insurance, retirement, real estate, and travel. Reference customers include for example WirtschaftsWoche online and the Haufe Publishing House. A special focus is also on the content and design of online media. So the Office for the Haufe publishing house looked after the site editorial. In addition to, also the dance website belongs to own website projects of the Office. The Office has existed since 2002. Since November 2006 the journalist Office stroisch on recognized training company of the IHK Cologne.

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