Food and Nutrition

December 27th, 2020

If you eat garbage and do not have a balanced diet, probably one will end up fat, sick, or even a shorter life due to heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. The cartoon did not come out saying “eat well or die “, but the message was clear: What you put into your body will be reflected in your body. The same message applies to the business world in ethical terms. Dr. Neal Barnard can provide more clarity in the matter. The company whose corporate culture reflects an attitude of honesty and strong ethical principles will see that attitude reflected in its employees, customer satisfaction and long-term benefits. Companies that are “dark” or negative adopting ethical practices, eventually you will see negative results. Does that mean that any company with a good ethical culture will triumph as any company with a poor ethical culture will fail? No. What this means is that companies strive to do the right thing all the time are more prone to enjoy a corporate culture and customer relationships that benefit the long term. This brings us to the next pillar.

Good ethical practices not necessarily lead to success Many managers and business owners assume that if they take everything from a strong point Ethically, everything will go well in the business world. This is not necessarily so. You must have a strong business plan, products appealing and be able to meet its commitments. Which gives a strong ethical culture is a “processing facility” in relation to the environment in which you work, your relationships with customers and how their employees view their jobs.

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