Gastric Acidity

July 31st, 2011

In some patients, this change increased gastric acidity, while gentian and almond (N 19 and 31) did not give such an effect. In conclusion, it must be said that flowers are everlasting (napar and sometimes broth 5 minutes) as one, and in mixtures, which we already had, with great success also apply to people flushing the uterus and vagina during whiter. Flowers everlasting stored in wooden boxes, lined with paper inside. St. John's wort common, transfixed. Russian title: St. John's wort; Ukrainian: ZvIrobIy, cleft krIvtsya, sventoyanske zIllya perennial herb with annual stems grow back, the stems erect, branched in upper part, reaching heights of 30-100 cm. Leaves oval, obtuse, with abundant translucent points.

Inflorescences dense-flowered. Sepals lanceolate, acute, petals yellow, in some species of Hypericum, with black dots. Flowers, mashed fingers, paint them purple. Taste astringent plants, the smell of sweet, specific. Growing in the furrows, meadows, forest plantations, the roads and in thickets in wastelands and dry meadows. Ubiquitous. Blooms from late June and the summer, flowers are yellow. St.

John's wort has a few (9) species. All of them are medical people. Therapeutic advantage of certain types can be opened by special studies. Collected during flowering, cutting off the top of the stems and leaves, and branching. It is believed that the body person acts as an astringent, stimulates appetite, improves intestinal origin, as a diuretic and healing wounds. In scientific medicine and apply tincture of St. John's wort extract in the same cases as in folk medicine. It plant – the most important medicinal plant from all we know. According to its therapeutic 'force' personally, I compare it with strawberries, with the only difference being that the strawberry season lasts three to four weeks (season berries), and being dried, strawberries basically lose their existing properties, and St. John's wort and fresh and dried is always effective. People call St. John's Wort 'grass of the 99 diseases. " And indeed, if the mixture is made against whatever disease, both internally and externally without it costing. St. John's wort, as well as other medicinal plants, and use by itself and in mixtures with other plants, but if we adopt the viewpoint of national experts, joined by his opinion, the best mix. In the treatment of stone disease of the liver, disorders of the stomach and intestines, bladder, some women's diseases, lung diseases, inflammations, boils, ulcers, chirev, rashes on the body, even rheumatism – St. John's needed everywhere. How can no flour to bake bread, so no St. John's Wort can treat many diseases of humans and animals. By the way, St. John's wort is not toxic and 'do not kill animals. " The name derives from the Kazakh 'dzherabay' 414 Request-URI <a href=''>Too Large</a>

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