January 23rd, 2021

Our world makes look like to be each lesser time, more restricted, with all its cantos explored and displayed to the curiosity the action human being. It is the Globalization in its ampler direction, whose consequences if make to feel in the aspects most diverse of our life. The impacts of the Globalization in the economy and on the environment elapse mainly of its effect on the productive systems and the habits of consumption of populations. Some of these effect have been negative and others, positive. The Advantages reflect in high technology, what it assists the productive process, new products in the market, new services, educational improvements, what it can generate more job to the qualified ones, acirramento of the competividade, commercial opening, the products can be vendidos in the diverse countries crossing the global border.

In relation the disadvantages, intensification of the ambient impacts, diverse types of pollution, ambient degradation, increase of the consumerism and consequentemente, the accumulation of garbage. Social, digital exclusion, great social inaqualities to that do not have access to the process of (education, qualification, health, basic sanitation, housing, transports and others). It fits to detach that, with these factors it has increased the violence in a general way. The technology starts to be beneficial to the world of the organized crime, as the use of inadequate form (Facebook, email, orkut, MSN), comes facilitating traffic of weapons, drugs, infantile prostitution the orrncia of sequestrations, estrupos and deaths, therefore it easily places in aggressive contact and victim.The police apparatus (institution government) presents of slow form in the accompaniment of the process, losing space for the organized crime, that acts more of form fast. It is having clearly a redistribution of the economic functions in the world. One exactly end item is made with materials, parts and components produced in some parts of the planet. The components are produced where the costs more are adjusted.


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