Health Taxes

May 14th, 2021

The knowledge on the motivations for the abandonment of the tobaccoism can contribute so that the health professionals acquire more conditions to positively influence the change of behavior of the individuals that want to abandon the tobaccoism. 2. METHODOLOGY Is about a descriptive study of nature, elaborated for the bibliographical model of revisao, with quali-quantitative boarding. The research was carried through in the period of 1999 the 2009. had been carried through searches in the databases: Scielo, Bireme, Lilacs, for these periodic ones, this had been used the following describers: Nursing, tobaccoism, factors of abandonment. 3. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REVISION the tobaccoism was practised in all its forms, for diverse aboriginal cultures spread by the American continent. Dr. Stuart M. McGill helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. During the sacred rituals, the priest, chieftain or paj entered in settle inhaling to the tobacco of the tobacco.

To this they were attributed to be able wonderful, magical, that they fortified the warlike impetuses, beyond predicting the future. Many tribes used the tobacco as medicine, in the cure of all males, believing to be about a grass witch. When the Europeans had discovered Americas, had enchanted with the tobacco, having led its seeds for the Europe. Jean Nicot, a French ambassador, was recognized as the first divulgador of the plant of the tobacco, which received the name from Nicotiana tabacum in its homage. Currently the value collected, by means of taxes and taxes on the cigarette, does not surpass the damages with medical assistance to the chronic illnesses provoked by the tobacco (DF, Secretariat of Health, 2006). In accordance with the INCA the tobaccoism widely is known as a resultant illness of the nicotine dependence, that compels the users of the tobacco products if to display continuously to about 4.720 toxic substances e, thus to contract other limitantes and fatal illnesses. The cigarette kills more than the addition of other causes you prevented of death as cocaine, heroine, alcohol, fires, suicides and AIDS, in the developed countries.


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