January 27th, 2014

Liposuction and breast augmentation are interventions with greater demand in clinical aesthetics from around the world. Please visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill if you seek more information. However, by what one might think, liposuction is no longer an exclusive women’s procedure, since each time there are more and more men are joining the ranks of this procedure. The main objective of liposuction is to eliminate the hard fat. However, performed you it is not synonymous with guarantee that you’ll never get fat, since it eliminates only fat that you spare and visually annoying. If someday you’re interested in making you a liposuction, please take into account the following: what is liposuction? It consists of the extraction of body fat for more aesthetic effect of the body.

He is also known as a tummy tuck. How is it carried out? Through the introduction of a small special cannula connected to a syringe or a vacuum cleaner to remove grease. It leaves scars? Yes. It is a scar of 3 or 4 mm. Who are candidates for liposuction? The person that is within the normal weight range, but which has an excess of fat accumulated in some regions, what desproporciona the aesthetics of your body. You have good health, is psychologically stable, and it must be realistic in the results. In which areas I can I do liposuction? In the abdomen, thighs, waist and neck, or in any part of the body where fat deposits. With information: InfoVeracruz journalism at the forefront long rows to see the sharks reds good health 218 BuenSalud excess fat in the abdomen is detrimental to bones applications and devices to control your weight, body fat and sleep Maya Digital El Madrid closes ranks around Mourinho

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