Makes Money Happy Or Not?

October 11th, 2016

Whether money makes happy, often depends on the money itself is a magic word, often unconsciously, leading the people since time immemorial, happiness. Homo sapiens does not always witty things looking for the treasure. It leads one in foreign countries, others on the couch of the neighbor. The fact is only that we aspire to happiness and a life long. But what is actually lucky? “There is happiness, I’ve heard of it”. Gesualdo Bufalino wrote. But it passed to him. Quite a few believe are today reflected in these words.

To the question what is lucky, will get sure a bunch of different answers. The Israeli billionaire Jacob Burak explained in his bestselling “do chimpanzees dream of retirement” the fallacy which many succumb. It is the little things every day, making happy little pleasures: an unexpected phone call, meeting with a friend, a smile, a good deed he wants to tell us that money is not the key to happiness. Friends, family, a sunny day, children are important… Nothing new, Barbara serves its readers. It is but strange that it always those who float like Dagobert Duck in the money, explained to the guru of the banal and eliminate money for good luck.

A pity is that those who must work hard for their daily bread, evening freely have upside, to formulate their theories on the happiness. But one can assume that the less money a person has, the money not only in planning is the central but also affects the individual feels like luck. Therefore it is understandable, if in Barbara’s mind money no longer matters, has yet it more than enough. If he even would think if he would lose his money overnight? A.Frentzel

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